Bianka pulled into the drive way with a big smile on her face. She was beginning her one month work leave the next day and was quite excited. “Miss Bianka?”Asked a lady approaching her voice as Bianka closed her door. Bianka turned to see who it was but the person before her was unknown to her and even more interesting had a camera man with her. “Depends who is asking” she said suspiciously wondering who they were. “I work for Rose TV. Following the station’s promotion of its new program on the digital platform and you have been chosen as one of the lucky winners who will get a chance to enjoy a one week holiday package to the Seychelles”. Bianka’s suspicious look was quickly replaced with one of pure excitement.”Well why didn’t you start with that line? I am the one and only Bianka”. She could not believe she had won, she had faithfully participated on a daily basis hoping she would be one of the winners. She had never won such a competition before and was ecstatic. She did her happy dance as the lady and the camera man watched.

“When will we be leaving?”She asked “All successful participants will be leaving tomorrow afternoon with the 4:00pm flight” she replied handing Bianka a couple of documents with regards to the trip. She could not wait to tell Jarell. She made a popular statement that winners usually make when they win before the two left. She went up the stairs quickly and sat happily on her couch as she dialled Jarell’s number. “Hey beautiful” he said charmingly on the other side. She could feel him smile even without seeing him. “Hey babie, how have you been?” “I have been well and better now that i am hearing your voice”. She smiled shyly as she proceeded to tell him the events of her afternoon. Jarell was happy for her and encouraged her to go as she had been working quite hard and deserved a break. He would take her out for dinner later to hear more.

“I am going to miss you the most” he said giving her a bear hug the next day at the airport. He did not release her and held her for a long time. “I will miss you more than you will miss me” she said. “No it cannot be obviously more than i will miss you” he said looking at her competitively. She laughed seriously while saying “No i am sure that will be me.”They both paused and looked at each other before bursting into laughter. “I love you Jarell” “And i love you Bianka”. He gave her a kiss and waved at her vigorously as she left. He watched her go and right before disappearing into the gateway she turned to look at him one more time blowing him a kiss.

The flight to Seychelles was quite pleasant although she had felt a bit nauseated as they took off. She sat next to the window and could not help but be amazed by the beauty of the earth that God had created so perfectly and wonderfully. As they landed they were received by their hosts and just as she had seen on TV every aspect of it was captured on camera. They were treated to a great feast with music and dancers. She kept smiling and clapping as she enjoyed every beat of it. The participants were then shown to their rooms and a list of the activities they would enjoy handed to them. Bianka sat on her huge bed, positive that she would enjoy every minute of it, how she wished Jarell was there to share it with her. No sooner had she thought about him did he call.

Bianka woke up feeling both happy and sad. The long holiday was coming to an end. She had enjoyed every moment of it and didn’t want to leave but also missed Jarell terribly and could not wait to go back home. Their hosts had arranged a special dinner for all the participants that evening with each being requested to put on their best dresses and suits for the gentlemen.The ladies were treated to a spa day and make over,while the gentlemen preferred to go out to the ocean and have fun.

The evening was warm and Bianka did not see the point of carrying a jacket for her sleeveless red dress. She looked lovely as she put on the final touches on her face. The front desk called to inform her that her car was ready. She looked at the mirror, smiled and left her room. She was amazed to find a limousine waiting for her. “These people go hard” she said to herself and being impressed. The chauffer pulled over at a corner street and came to open Bianka’s car. She was not sure what was happening and didn’t understand why he would make a stopover at a place that did not look like the venue. He stood next to her and waited. “What is it?”She asked him worried. He did not respond and just as she looked in front, she saw a man appear juggling balls on his hands. She smiled as he made a few tricks for her with the last being a rose and a card which he presented to her, before walking away as if nothing had happened, juggling his balls. The card hard a missing piece but was the face of someone. She loved where this was going and applauded the hosts for their interesting games.

The chauffer pulled up yet again at a park and opened her door. This time she was not scared and waited for the next surprise. Two people appeared and approached where they stood. The rest came from behind Bianka and all started dancing. Bianka clapped loudly as she moved to the sound of music as they danced. They were dancing to one of her favourite songs that she had once done for her dance piece for her blog. As if that was not enough as the song was about to get finished they dance her own moves from her blog piece making her scream with excitement. They handed her a card as they danced away.

She put the two pieces together and saw part of a face “No way! This looks kind of like me”. The card was not yet complete. The chauffer dropped her on top of a hill and this time did not wait with her but left. She knew this was her final destination as a few steps from where she stood, was a dinner table waiting for her. “Just one table?” she wondered but was interrupted by a tap on her shoulder by a man. She turned to look at him. He was well dressed in a suit and requested her to walk with him to the table. He pulled her chair and asked her to look up to the sky for it was a lovely night. She could not agree more. The events of the night had been nothing but perfect. As she looked up fireworks were displayed as the man gave her the final card. She put the piece together. It was indeed her face and she marvelled at this. She turned the card over and saw her name.

“Look up” a man’s voice said as he placed his hand on her shoulder. The words ‘will you marry me?’ were flashed into the sky as a shocked Bianka turned to look behind frozen by the voice that she knew so well, that of Jarell. She did not know how to react at first as she was both quite happy to see him but at the same time shocked enough to faint. He smiled at the precious moment and her reaction which was more than he had expected. “Jarell?” she asked as if he could be someone else. He first laughed and answered her as her got down on one knee.

“The fairest lady of them all,will you?”A smartly dressed lady played a violin in the background of their favourite love tune. The time in that moment stood still for her as she looked around at everything. Jarell let her take it all in as he waited patiently on one knee. She finally looked at Jarell as all else seemed to pale to his presence. Tears dropped as she looked at him with the lovely ring he held on his hand. He was all she ever wanted. “Yes Jarell. Yes” she said with pure clarity in her heart. Jarell smiled as he slipped the ring on her finger before standing and kissing her passionately. The other participants came out clapping for them before leaving the two of them to their evening.

Jarell dropped down on one knee again making Bianka laugh at his silliness. “A second proposal? I already said yes” she said looking at him lovingly as she touched his face. “Bianka will you marry me” he begun as she giggled “in two days time?”her giggles quickly halted as she looked at him in shock “WHAT!”She asked in her most astonished voice making Jarell laugh at her astonished facial expression. “Yes Bianka”. She went on to make a list of all the reasons why this did not seem like a good idea with Jarell listening to her patiently. “Are you done my love?” “Yes and as you can see my reason s are quite valid. He smiled at her and said “I just need your yes or no, that’s all”. Bianka thought for a while. There was nothing really stopping her from saying ‘i do’ even at that very moment.

“Yes, why not” she said smiling at him. “That’s all i need. You will get your perfect wedding.”The waiters arrived with their dinner as Jarell pulled her seat for her. She could not wait to hear the whole story that led to this day. Jarell knowing how much Bianka loved stories was not one to disappoint as he told her the stories dramatically and in detail. She laughed as she looked at him and thought how perfect the day had turned out to be. It was like nothing she had ever imagined.

She woke up the next morning and for a moment reminisced on her perfect dream.How lovely it was. As she stretched her hands she caught a glimpse of the ring on her finger. “Oh my goodness, it actually happened” she said excited. A knock on her door made her jump as she went to see who it was.  “Mom!!!Dad!!!You are here!”She said jumping like a small girl “Do you think we would miss your wedding for the world?” She laughed as she hugged them. Bianka could not believe the amazing turn of events. She did not have appropriate words to describe what was happening to her. She freshened up and left to have breakfast with her parents and Jarell.

The breakfast table was full with familiar faces and she could only smile with joy. She gave Jarell a hug as she kissed him. “This is amazing. Thank you” she said. “You have not seen anything yet” he said proudly. She laughed as they sat down together. The participants of the show came over to the table to congratulate Bianka as they got ready to leave. The Rose TV had gladly accepted Jarell’s proposal when he came to learn that she was one of the winners. He had decided to take up this opportunity and Rose TV had only been glad to be part of it, an episode that would gain high ratings.


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