A reply to Random Thoughts of a Nairobi Girl


Back in May i wrote a blog piece on my random thoughts: https://ruthnzioka.wordpress.com/2015/05/page/2/ . Recently a fellow blogger Vallery Logedi took the liberty of replying some of my peculiar questions. It was quite a random reply and i loved it. I am glad to know i am not the only one with crazy thoughts. Even more interesting is the fact her blog is titled: Random thoughts of a girl in Nairobi. What are the odds rights? Here are her witty answers to some my random thoughts.

  1. What happened if you just went in front of some random person and stared like really intensely at them with your eyes wide open without saying anything? Or just start running after them? A. They would run away, probably get you carted-off to Mathare, then become social media stars by recounting the tale of their narrow escape…
  2. …Say something like “Hey guys, why are we all usually so quiet when we are this full in the lift? Just asking?” A. Everyone is pre-occupied. There’s the guy choosing an appropriate instagram filter for his latest pics. There’s the girl checking herself out in the lift mirror. There’s the guy checking-out the girl who’s checking herself out. There’s the older lady or gentleman wondering just what is wrong with our generation. Then there’s you:-D
  3. Why do people always do things the right way? A. Because we’ve lost all the imagination we had as children. Remember when you thought that flowers were for eating instead of smelling?
  4. Ever wondered why grown-ups are so serious with life? A. Refer to the previous question
  5. Why is it that coffins are rectangular in shape? A. Easier work for the carpenter. Angles are easier than curves I think.
  6. Why does it always rain water? A. I think God already knows that some of us are currently struggling with an ice cream addiction. That’s just His way of trying to prevent obesity 😀
  7. Is it true that when we hear thunderstorms its God moving furniture in His house and that the sky is His blanket with small holes due to being worn out? A. I can’t believe that people actually made us believe this when we were children! Pass!!!!
  8. Doesn’t it feel nice when you talk to your best friend or sister with your eyes and facial expressions and they get you? We should have a name for this language. A. Ummm….Body language?
  9. Talking about road war, is there a rehab for road rage? A. Public transportation for like a year. I think such a regimen would change their perspectives.
  10. Why is ‘ugali’ (African meal) tasteless? How can it be categorized as food when its neither sugary or salty. A. A Sudanese girl once asked me this question. I just said that it’s to complement the taste of the stew and whatever else is eaten with Ugali.
  11. Why is it that when someone talks to you in a whisper you always respond in a whisper. Upon which you say in a whisper “why are we whispering? A. Body language again. We tend to subconsciously imitate people’s actions to make them feel more comfortable with us. Sitting when they sit. Eating when they eat. Yawning when they yawn. You get the picture.
  12. Why not wear a heel on one and a sandal on another? Would it be so bad if i did so? Who says it’s wrong anyway? A. Falling is painful. End of story.
  13. Isn’t it weird how it’s day right now in Nairobi, while others are sleeping somewhere else? Can’t we just have the same time around the world? Can’t we all just get along with this time thing? A. I know right! This is probably the reason why we’ve had 2 world wars. Because some leaders were cranky as a result of having been woken-up in the middle of the night to deal with diplomacy.
  14. We are all looking forward to go to heaven. We will get to live there forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever……………what does this even mean? A. I think that when we get there God will make us all become good at maths…then it’ll make sense…
  15. Maybe there are other invisible species living amongst us with an organized system just like ours but we just don’t see them and them us? A. Bacteria
  16. Why is it that when you walk with a friend or loved one the distance is shorter while when you are alone the distance is not only longer but also get tired? A. The theory of relativity

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