Jarell and Bianka had grown to become great friends, one would have thought they had been friends since their childhood. They would talk for hours on end and have many social meetings. They both always looked forward to each other’s meetings and long talks. Bianka had come to learn about Jarell’s family and Elsa had come to adore her visits too as they got to do girly things which they were never able to do with Jarell. Bianka had felt quite sorry for them and admired Jarell for holding everything down so well. She did not know how she would have survived if she had been in their shoes. He seemed quite strong. She pitied Elsa more as she wondered how it was to lose both parents at such an early age. Jarell never said much about this and Bianka respected this. In his time she always said.

Despite Jarell wanting to ask Bianka to be his love,he never wanted to impose on her a decision she was clearly not ready to commit to and was confident that if she was his the long awaited day would arrive at some point. He did not mind as she was worth the wait. He valued her friendship and was glad they had gotten to be friends and lately best friends who leaned on each other. He came to wonder how he had survived that long without her as she had grown to be part of him. He saw himself lose everything in his life but could not imagine loosing Elsa, Jane and Bianka. She had also become fond of him but had never at any point considered a relationship with him. Not because she did not find him handsome and attractive but was not ready to get into any relationship. She was also afraid of losing their great friendship if a relationship came in the way.

The month of June was not an ordinary month for the Simba household especially to Jarell and Elsa as it was the month they lost their parents. The both got sad and distant not wanting to interact with anyone. Jane’s task was hardest this month. Jarell usually told her for him it was like reliving the whole scenario again and each year it happened he felt like he would lose it. Jane’s heart broke for her two precious angels each time. Elsa was irritant and always crying, making the life of both of them difficult. Her state always added to Jarell’s trauma as he hurt to see her this way. The doctor’s had tried to convince Jarell whether they would erase this part of their memory thanks to miracles of advanced medicine. He had not been sure whether to take up this option as it would mean he loses a great part of his life, but with each passing year, this suggestion seemed quite appealing especially for Elsa.

Jarell walked into house looking gloomy and drained. The memorial service was a few days away and had been making arrangements. Jane ran to him with a worried look “Please come quickly .It’s Elsa” he got alarmed as he asked her what had happened to her. “She has been crying the whole day and won’t stop”. Jarell ran up the stairs to her room and found the tiny girl curled up in her bed as she cried sorrowfully. He took her up in his arms and started to rock her as he told her it would be ok. “I want mummy and daddy where are they? Why did they leave us?”Jarell kept rocking her telling her how much he loves her and that all would be fine. Elsa’s small body shook as she cried and as Jarell watched her felt he was losing it slowly. He wanted to talk to God at that moment and ask why a good God would do such a terrible act to a small child.

Elsa finally went to sleep in Jarell’s arms. He covered her and kissed her. He went to his room walking like a zombie. He sat on the floor and curled up with his hands hugging his knees, rocking back and forth. Jane got shocked as she sat next to him. She tried talking to him but he did not respond. He was in a trancelike state and Jane was alarmed. She ran to the study room to call the family doctor, by the time she was returning he was not there, just the sound of his car’s engine being switched on. She immediately called the front gate asking them not to open the gate for him but it was too late as he had already got out. Jane called Rick in panic asking him to follow Jarell.

Jarell did not even know where he was going he just knew he wanted to finish all this misery. He only saw the oncoming vehicle a few minutes to impact turning his steering wheel sharply  off the road making his car roll a few times. Rick who had come driving at the highest speed the jaguar could accommodate was behind him when it happened and came out running toward his car only to find an unconscious Jarell. He called an ambulance immediately and called home to inform a crying Jane of what had happened. She informed him she would follow him to the hospital.

Jane arrived at the hospital just as Jarell was being rushed to the ER. She sat next to Rick as she cried quietly. Her dear children had been through much. She was always there for them even although this was never enough. Her poor Jarell, ‘would he make it?’ .The thought of Elsa paralyzed her as she did not know how this small child would ever heal with such an event. Rick patted her back as he looked sadly on the ground. The doctor walked toward them “Ma’am Jane” She quickly stood up as she looked at him. Rick was next to her as the doctor gave her the news. “Jarell is going to be fine” he said making Jane and Rick sigh deeply “He had minor bruises on his arm, legs and face but other than that he is fine. No broken bones or even worse internal bleeding. The bruises will heal quickly as they are minor. You can thank the Lord who had not intended to take him today” “Thank you Jesus” Jane said looking up. “Thank you so much doctor. May i see him now?” “He is asleep right now but you are welcome to stay with him until he wakes up” the doctor kindly said. “Thank you”.

“Ma’am is there anything you would like me to get for you from home?”Rick asked as Jane started to walk. “A clean pair of pajamas for Jarell. You know how much he hates hospital clothes and a few of his personal effects. That will do as i will have to go back to the house before Elsa wakes up.” “Okay ma’am. I will be back soon.” She made a long call before entering the room and walked in slowly. Jane opened the door and watched Jarell sleeping. She pulled the chair next to him and held his hand as he slept.

Bianka ran frantically into the hospital looking for the reception desk “Excuse me, where is Jarell Simba sleeping?” “Who are you to him, miss? We only give such information to close family” said the stern nurse at the reception desk. Bianka was desperate and had to think fast or would not be able to see Jarell. She closed her eyes for a second and confidently said “I am his future wife” as soon as she said it she could not believe what she had just said. The nurse looked at her and did not even for a second doubt her words due to the deep conviction she said them. She directed her to the private wing.

Bianka entered the lift and pressed the floor number. Her heart was pounding loudly and having shortness of breath at the same time. She could not imagine her life without Jarell, he had become her all. She had always been afraid of admitting this to herself but now couldn’t imagine him dying before letting him know. Jarell had never told her how bad it was and it was only Jane who had told her a few hours ago when she had called her. She felt sorry for him and was determined to walk with him through it. Bianka held her heart as she realised she had just found ‘the one’. She had no doubt in her heart only the candid clarity of this fact.

She jumped out and ran toward his room. Her hand was trembling as she turned the door knob. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at him lay there. All she had ever wanted and needed was lying in that bed and everything else seemed tasteless and mundane without him in the picture. Jane turned to look at her as she motioned her to come close to her. She stood frozen on the spot as Jarell turned and saw Jane. “Nana am i still here?” he asked genuinely. Jane stroked his hand and said “Yes my darling”. “Nana i am so sorry i did not mean to do it. I was just so tired and just wanted it all to end so that i see mummy and daddy again” he said as she lovingly hugged him “Ssssssssh darling, it is okay you don’t have to apologize.” “Nana i saw mummy and daddy when i was sleep. They looked happy. I miss them so much” he said with a sad smile. “I know, i know. It will be well my boy” she said patting his back.

“There is someone who wants to see you” she said turning to Bianka asking her to come. “No nana, i want to sleep” he protested as he lay down on the bed. Bianka had stood at the door tears flowing down her cheeks non-stop as she watched Jarell. Jane touched Bianka’s hand and placed it on Jarell’s making him turn to see who it was. His eyes gazed at her without moving. Jane slipped out of the room to head home as she closed the door behind her.

Jarell could not speak or move, he just looked at Bianka helplessly. He was surprisingly not alarmed at the fact she could see his vulnerable side. There was no one he had ever desired to be in his presence at such a time and yet as Bianka stood there, he felt just fine. He felt his ego walls break down as he became emotionally naked in front of her. He touched his cheek and to his amazement, it was tears. Only ‘the one’ for him would have made him feel this open and there she stood in front of him.

Bianka climbed on top of the bed and held him like a baby on her chest. He begun to speak but Bianka placed her index finger on his lips and said “It’s is going to be alright” with that Jarell broke down into deep tears as Bianka rocked him and crying with him. They eventually fell asleep crying together.

The next morning Jarell woke up feeling lighter than he had ever felt since his parents’ death. He had not realised that although tears do not wipe away all the bad memories they did at least ease the heavy weight that had been in him. Bianka had slept next to him holding him tightly. He smiled and stroked her hair as he kissed her forehead. Bianka woke up and looked at him without saying a word. “This is not how i had imagined my first night with you” he said jokingly as Bianka hit him lightly “And yet it could not have been more perfect” he said kissing her soft hands making her blush. They remained quiet for a while before looking at each other at the same time and saying in unison “I love you”. They laughed at the coincidence of their words. “I love you Bianka” he said as he gazed into her eyes. “I love you too Jarell” she said quietly as their lips touched.


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