Bianka was ready by the time Ryan came to get her, in fact he found her waiting for him downstairs. “My my my Bianka. If i had a penny for the many times you make me wait for you each Saturday,i would be a millionaire. What’s up with the trend of the early bird?”He asked curiously. “Aaaaah, nothing. I just decided to keep time” she said fishily. “Oh i see Miss Bianka” he said hardly convinced as he came closer to her. “You are looking amazingly lovely today” he continued smiling slyly “Could it be in anticipation of meeting the mysterious Jarell?” Bianka hit him jokingly “No it’s not. I am always looking lovely but do i say” she said. Bianka was really not interested in getting back into the dating scene but was sure looking forward to get to know this mysterious Jarell. She had wanted to thank him for sending her the book which had been quite insightful. The least she could do was say thank you. Hopefully today was that day.

On this day her dance piece was on her love for nature and so the shoot was taking place at the country club’s garden grounds. She was going to feature two of her classmates in the video who were busy practicing as Bianka did her final touches on her makeup. Ryan was about done with the camera set up and requested them to be ready. Just as Ryan was asking them to take their places, Jarell appeared together with Taylor in the crowd that had gathered to watch her and sat on the grass. Bianka caught her breath as she watched him. He looked handsome in his casual sports gear holding a basket ball. As she stretched ready to start one of the dancers came to her and whispered in her ear “Uuuuwi the handsome one has come to look at you again” she said before taking her place. Bianka turned to ask her what she meant but Ryan had already started the countdown to start the dance and he was at 4.

The dance piece ended as people clapped with Taylor and Jarell clapping loudest. She wiped her forehead as she drunk from her bottle. She looked at where Jarell sat and saw him waving vigorously. She laughed and walked up to him. “Hello Bianka, that was beautiful” he said shaking her hand. Taylor was not quite as subtle as Jarell and remarked suggestively “that was hot”. “And who might you be” Bianka asked turning to look at him. “I thought you would never ask Ms. pretty. I am Taylor Sweden” he said proudly “but you can just call me Taylor. A pleasure to meet the beautiful Bianka who Jarell never keeps quiet about” he said before Jarell jokingly punched him in the ribs. He laughed handsomely as he said “my bad” before hitting the basket ball from Jarell’s hands. “I will be seeing you around Ms. Pretty” he said as he ran to join a group of guys who had started playing at the basketball court.

“That’s an interesting friend” Bianka said as she turned to look at Jarell. He laughed lightly “He is one of my best friend’s. A great guy i might add” he said “May i kindly ask you to join me for a cold glass of lemonade.”Bianka laughed at his speech which was always courteous. Her laughter was more of amusement as she could not believe such men still existed. “Did i say something funny” he asked making her laugh even louder “is it my face” he continued to say making a funny face, making Bianka break down in even more laughter “Oh so you think my face looks funny” he said in a jokingly serious face. He was also funny she thought to herself. “I would love to” she said as he motioned her toward the garden’s restaurant tables.

“So Mr. Jarell. I have a million and one questions to ask you but will start with the most basic” she started to say. “Wait a minute Ms. Bianka, am i being interviewed so that i put my best foot forward while answering the questions?” He asked jokingly.  “Yes you are Mr. Smart pants” she said as they both laughed.  “But first, i never got an opportunity  to thank you for the book.  It has been quite insightful”. “I am glad it was of help to you” he said calmly listening to her. “Apart from being mysterious, how do you know me? I seem to get the feeling you already do while i do not” Jarell smiled broadly. “Funniest thing happened many months back” he begun to say “what did?”She asked curiously. “So here i am on my way to have a quiet weekend away. I check out of the car and start walking towards the hotel door” Bianka had a wondering look on her face thinking how the story related to her. “I drop my keys on the ground and as i stand up, a beautiful lady bumps into me.” “ooooookay” Bianka said as she continued to follow. “I hold this lady in my arms for a split second and see the saddest look in her eyes behind her tears” Bianka had stopped nodding as her jaw begun to drop “I try to ask if she is okay but before i could she is gone.”Bianka could not believe what she hearing this. She swallowed and asked “And where was it that you were going to spend your weekend?” “The wildlife resort at Mount Amkeni”. “Excuse me?”She asked almost choking on her drink. “You heard me.” “No way!” “Yes way” he said jokingly “Yes, that is the first time i met you.” “Wow” She said sliding back in her chair.

“The look i saw in your eyes that day never left me and i desired to know why you would have been that sad. Finding you was not easy as i did not even know your name. Lucky enough for me a few months ago as i walked out of the gym, guess who bumps into me for the second time?”He asked smiling charmingly “I be damned, the same girl that i had been looking for.”Bianka had grown quiet as she listened. She was still in shock at all she heard. Did these things still happen? “That’s when i saw you dance for the first time” he said “You have seen me dance before?”She asked amazed. “Yes Ms. Bianka. And that’s when your friend enlightened me about your blog. I read, each and every piece of it in the effort to get  answers to my questions, which i did” he finally said.

Bianka sat quietly as she reminisced on the account Jarell had narrated to her. “Did people even care anymore to be that concerned?” She asked herself. She had thought Jarell was different but as they sat there, she knew he was special. “I hope i did not scare you” He said touching her hand. “No. Not at all, on the contrary i am simply amazed you even bothered. It means you knew me the whole time and never mentioned a thing.” “What would i have said Bianka? I just sought the right moment, least you would have thought of me a stalker when all i sought was to know your well being.”Bianka looked at him in silence. She did not know what to make of the man before her but knew that it was the beginning of a great friendship.


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