good book


Bianka had not stopped thinking about the stranger she had made acquaintance with recently. She had to admit that she had been impressed by his gesture. He had been such a gentleman and reminded her of well mannered English boys. She however was quick to dismiss this pleasant thought with one that stated all men were the same. She argued in her mind that they were only as good as they pursued you but once they got you as their girlfriend they would slide back into their normal ways. “Where did consistency of the old days go?”She thought to herself. Her thoughts were cut short by the voice of her dear best friend Stella as she walked into the office. “Good morning dear?” she said as she put her bag down. “Good morning pretty lady” Bianka responded with a smile. “Don’t you look gorgeous darling” Bianka continued to say. “Do i” Stella asked holding her chest “What do you even mean? Gorgeous is my name” making both of them burst out laughing.

“So have you heard from Mr. Charming” Stella asked sitting next to Bianka. “No dear. I do not even want to. I mean Stella what’s the point of all these? Isn’t the ending always the same?”She asked genuinely. “Don’t you say that dear. God is the only one who knows the beginning and the end. You cannot finish writing the story for Him, He will .In His time all is made beautiful. You just watch him make your disaster beautiful” Stella said as she patted her back. “You cannot allow one man to change your whole view of others. Why would you even give him that privilege when he was not even worth it? Just as there are bad men so are there good ones. You should know better for you know the Lord” she continued saying. “Oh Stella you always speak with such wisdom. I am trusting God to allow me to get there” “And He will dear. In His time dear” she said as she stood up. “You are such a darling Stella. I thank God for you” “You better take stock girl. Soon you will be paying up” Stella said before bursting out into her infectious hearty laughter.

One of the perks of Bianka’s career was the diverse clientele she interacted with. On this day, her clients were no other than the Royal Air force of the August Republic. They walked into the office looking sharp in their uniform with an air of seriousness and authority. They greeted everyone formally as they proceeded to where Bianka sat. She could not help but smile as the tall men with guns approached her. “Damn, men in uniform do look amazing” she thought to herself “Take me officer take me now” she played a movie scene in her head before laughing loudly in her mind. Her fantasy cum potential movie story was interrupted by the voice of a man who asked for her to accompany them to the aircraft as they never discussed their business anywhere else other than their aircraft due to the strictly confidential nature of the president’s matters.

Bianka greeted them with a big smile joking at how serious they always were. She wanted to know if it is because they were in the military. The three gentlemen laughed for the first time looking quite different while at it. “We sorry ma’am” said the leader “it’s just due to the nature of our business” he said as they escorted her to the aircraft. Bianka loved such days because she got to play out her movie scenes in the head and at this moment it was her being the president being escorted to the aircraft. She could not help but laugh. When they reached the aircraft the commander came out to welcome Bianka. The three soldiers both took up their positions as they saluted him “At ease soldiers” he said casually with a big smile at Bianka welcoming her aboard.

“Miss Bianka, kindly come to the security office, there is a man with a package delivered for you” said the security personnel on the other line. She had just arrived in the office from the meeting. She was surprised as she was not expecting any deliveries and all official packages went directly to the company. “Hello Oscar,” she said as she stood at the security desk. “Hello ma’am, this gentleman has a package to deliver to you.” Bianka turned to look at him “Who is the package from?”The young man who had delivered the package smiled saying he could not disclose as the sender had not wanted him to. The security did not take this lightly as they approached him. The young man who gathered they meant business was quick to add “The sender wanted it to be a surprise” to which Bianka told the guards it was fine, before they quickly scanned it. “Kindly sign here” the young man said before proceeding to wish her a good day. Bianka looked at the package curiously as she went back to the office. She couldn’t wait to get home to open it.

The drive home was short as the traffic was light. Since the package arrived earlier that afternoon, Bianka had not stopped thinking about it. She kept wondering who could have sent her a package at work. Could it have been Ryan? No she shook her head as she knew he would not have done it before consulting her. What of Stella? No she could have spilled the beans about it even before it had arrived. She went through her list of friends as she wondered who it could have been. She eventually decided to stop wondering and just get home and open it. “Thank you, Juma” she said as she entered Leisure Gardens where she resided.

She tore the wrapping paper with such curiosity she almost destroyed the box inside. She finally opened the box and looked at the contents with both amazement and wonder. Inside the box lay a book titled ‘Smart Love’. She picked it up and opened the first page. It read ‘To the beautiful dancer, Bianka: Kindly read chapter four from the Jarell Simba.’ Bianka held her heart as she gasped in amazement. She flipped the pages hurriedly to chapter four to know what it was all about. The topic was simply titled, ‘Breakups’. She looked up as she hugged the book .No one had ever send her such a thoughtful gift. She found herself wondering who he was and why he even cared. One thing was however clear, he was different and she would have loved to get to know more about him.


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