“I am going to introduce myself today” Jarell said as he moved his fist in the air determined. Taylor laughed heartily as he watched his dear friend, as he lifted the weight. “Dude i have never seen you this nervous” he said sitting up and wiping his neck with a towel. “You have brought giant corporations to their knees in court and here you are as fidgety as a leaf, over a girl?”Taylor did not believe in commitment to one girl and would always advice Jarell to do the same. He had watched Jarell give his whole heart to his previous girlfriends and would be forgiven at this point for seeming skeptical about the whole thing. He also knew Jarell had not healed from his parents’ death and obviously did not favour any situation that would aggravate the situation any further. “Taylor this is different. I can feel it. I do not know what it is but she is special” he said sincerely. Taylor gave a sigh as a young man tapped Jarell on his shoulder “She is about to leave” he said. Jarell had requested one of her dance classmates to alert him when she was about to leave for him to go so that he would go to wait for her in the parking lot. “Thank you” he told him as he tipped him.

A lady approached him as he was about to leave and held him tightly. “How are you Jarell, i have missed you” she said twisting her hair suggestively. “What are you doing tonight, can you take me out?” Jarell looked at her as he freed himself gently. “I got to run Jewel, another time” he said as he begun to walk towards the door. She grabbed his hand quickly making him turn to look at her “At least call me?”She said with hope in her voice. Jarell smiled as he proceeded to the door. She walked over to Taylor looking disappointed. “What’s his deal Taylor? Doesn’t he date hot women like me?” Taylor sat up again as he pulled her to his lap. “Guess you are just not his type love, but you mine” he said touching her hair gently making her giggle shyly.

Jarell had, had enough of the women around him. Most of them were not genuine and seemed to only like him because of his empire and wealth. He just needed one who would love him for who he was and not because of what he was. He opened his car and sat casually at the driver’s seat. He had always been a loyal lover of the Range Rovers’. This was his greatest weakness as he always found himself buying the latest models. On this day however he could not find comfort in the car that he described as his first wife. He was quite anxious as he waited for Bianka to appear. His heart almost stopped when she appeared at the entrance saying goodbye to her friends. He stood up and looked at her as he started to walk towards her.

The smile on Bianka’s face was quickly wiped off replaced by one of anger. Jarell stopped in his tracks as her followed her gaze. He saw a man walking towards her with her taking steps backwards. Jarell did not know this man but by the look of things Bianka did not like him. Jarell felt his protective instinct come on.He sat on the driver’s seat and watched them.

“What the hell are you doing here?”Bianka asked breathing fire. “I came to see you .I am sorry Bianka. I didn’t mean to hurt you that day. It was not even something serious just a casual fling” he said trying to smile at her. His words were not at all comforting as he only made the situation worse. She could not imagine Stefan’s audacity at this point in time. He had shattered her heart into pieces and here he was acting as if it had been a small thing out of which she was making a big deal. She was red hot with anger and was even finding it hard to speak. “I never ever want to see you again”she managed to say as she walked passed him. He grabbed her hand tightly and pulled her close to him making her get alarmed. His pleading expression turned to that of a vicious man “Listen to me Bianka and listen to me good. I am never going to leave you and neither will you. You hear me?”Bianka looked at him thinking he was out of his mind. The look that she saw in his eyes send chills down her spin. She got scared as she tried to free herself. “Who are you?” she cried.She could not believe on top of being a cheat he was capable of threatening her this way,something she had never known.

Jarell got up quickly and walked toward them. “Hey babie sorry i am late,” he said making Stefan release her arm and turn around. Jarell took Bianka in his arms and held her tightly whispering in her ear to play along. He had never been this close to her. He inhaled her sweet skin’s scent deeply. The smell of her vanilla scented shower gel perhaps. As his hand touched her skin, he could not help but feel an electric current pass through him. He touched her neck softly his heart racing threatening to jump out of the chest. In that moment as he released her and looked into her eyes, touching her face, he knew that she would be the one who he would crucify his soul for.

“Is there a problem here” he asked moving Bianka defensively behind him and facing Stefan,his tall physique towering above him. Bianka was the one who responded her voice sounding upset “He was just leaving” Stefan gave her a stern look telling her “It is not over Bianka” .Jarell laughed sarcastically as he looked at Stefan “It is over alright” he said with deep assurance. Stefan got in his car and left. Bianka watched him go and as soon as his car disappeared she broke down in tears. She could not believe the man she had loved with her whole heart would go this far. She realised that she had not known him at all and had been living a lie all long, making her feel worse.

Jarell turned to look at her, his heart going out to her. He touched her cheek making her turn her face away in protest. He realized he had not even introduced himself and had already by now crossed a million lines. “I am sorry miss, i did not mean to offend you. I could not stand and watch a woman be mistreated in my presence. My mother would not take it if i stood there and did nothing” he said sincerely. “Thank you. Your mother must be a great woman” she said in between tears.

Jarell smiled sadly not bothering to let her know the proper tense for his mother was ‘was’. Jarell reached into his pocket and handed her his clean handkerchief. “Thank you” she said looking down obviously uncomfortable for crying in front of a total stranger. The tears seemed to just keep flowing. “I am Jarell Simba” he said stretching out his hand towards her. “I am Bianka”. “If you don’t mind me asking Miss Bianka. Who was that man?” She looked up at him and then the road on which Stefan had drove on “Somebody that i used to know”.

“Thank you for your kindness Jarell, but i really need to be going” she said. “Let me buy you a drink in the country club as you cool down” he said hoping she would take up his offer. “No thank you. You have already done enough”. “At least let me take you home just to be sure you are safe” he said not wanting to lose this opportunity with her. She instantly looked offended as she dialed a number. “I am sorry miss. I did not mean it as you understood it” he said cursing himself for sounding like a fool at that moment. “At least let me get you a car to take you home courtesy of the country club” he said hoping to sound like a genuine gentleman. “I would appreciate that” she said hoping the car arrived quickly.

Jarell moved away to make the call to his driver. “Hey Rick, kindly come to the country house. I need you to take a friend home.” “I will be right there sir”. Rick arrived in less than 20minutes and found Jarell standing next to a lady he had never seen before. He came out and greeted them. Bianka was astonished at the car that pulled up and wondered how the country club had jaguars for taxis. Probably they were that wealthy she thought to herself. The chauffeur looked casually dressed and not in the usual taxi uniform. Jarell introduced Bianka to Rick and informed her he would take her wherever she wanted to go. He took her hand and kissed it saying “Until we meet again Miss Bianka” closing the door.

Rick turned to look at Bianka giving her the roses that had sat on the chair beside him.”Sir Jarell wanted you to have this” he said before turning on the engine. Bianka tore the envelope to read the card. ‘A lady as beautiful as these roses should never have to shed a tear in her life. It shall be well’ It read.


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