birthday party

Jarell could not wait to get to know more about Bianka and hoped her blog site would serve as much. He reached home a little after 7pm and found Elsa at her favourite spot on the couch. He laughed at her predictability as he headed to where she was. Jane was seated next to her. She had found herself coming to like animation movies and always ended up watching them with Elsa.Elsa turned to see who was coming and started screaming when she saw Jarell. She was jumping excitedly on the seat as she stretched her little hands for him to pick her up. He engulfed her in a big hug as he kissed her forehead. “Look, look, she has a name just like mine. It is me” she said pointing at the TV where Frozen was playing. Jane smiled at him “Hello Jarell. How was your day?” “It was more than great nana” he said with a sparkle in his eyes. “My my, my boy has a story to tell” she said knowing Jarell very well. He laughed loud and said “No i don’t”. “I am hardly ever wrong smart one. Come on spill” she said motioning him,to come sit next to her. Knowing he would not argue with her,he  sat down next to Elsa who was engrossed in the animation movie.

Jarell climbed the stairs lazily as he headed to his room. Dinner had been pleasant with Jane probing him further about ‘this Bianka girl’. He took a shower and sat on his bed calmly as he switched on his laptop. He keyed in the website and waited for what lay on the other side. The well themed blog site presented a smiling Bianka. Jarell quickly clicked on the first story without even checking its title. He kept reading one story after another not realizing how late it was getting. When he finally clicked on the first blog piece she ever wrote, he knew exactly what type of person Bianka was. He knew her aspirations, her hurts, her successes and fails, her values, her beliefs and her life story. He felt like he had known her all his life. He knew why on the first day they bumped into each other she had been so teary eyed a look he had never forgotten. He had enjoyed reading every one of her blog posts and immediately subscribed to her latest blog posts, knowing he had just become one of the her biggest fans.

Jarell had hardly slept for an hour when Jane entered his room asking him to wake up. He protested as he covered his head with the covers.”Come on, wake up its Elsa’s birthday we must surprise her before she wakes up” she said urgently. “I don’t want to wake up “he said as he sat up to look at her. “Come on sleepy head, what have you been doing all night if not sleeping?”She asked curiously. “You do not want to know” he said as he wore his sandals. He picked up a big teddy bear that he had bought the previous day. Elsa loved teddy bears and never seemed to get enough of them. She had spotted this specific one at a mall one day when they were with Jane and asked for it. Jane had refused saying she had, had enough of them knowing that she would ask Jarell to get it for her on her birthday. They walked quietly to her room and opened the door with Jane carrying a cupcake with a lighted candle.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”sung the teddy bear, tapping her gently for her to wake up. Elsa opened her eyes slowly as she looked at the singing bear that had woke her up. Her eyes quickly grew wide open as she grabbed it. They laughed as they continued singing for her. “Blow the candle dear and make a wish” Jane said as they sat with her. “Can i make my wish out aloud?” “If you wish Elsa” Jarell said with a big smile. “I wish i will have a big birthday party with all my friends from school attending, with a lot of candy, presents, a singer and a beautiful dress to wear today. I also wish for more teddy bears just like this one” she finished with a smile and blew the candle. Jarell laughed at her wishes. “Look what i got you for your birthday” he said holding it behind his back. “What? Tell me tell me” she said excitedly. He presented her the dress that pretty much looked like that of a princess. Elsa was ecstatic as she held it. “I am going to be the most beautiful girl today” she said with a big smile. “Yes you will darling.” How he wished his parents were here to see how fast Elsa was growing. It made his spirit sink but was determined to remain happy on this day.

What Elsa did not know was that her wish would come true sooner rather than later as Jarell had already planned to throw her one huge birthday party at the fairyland with all her friends. Even better, Jarell had hired the whole of Fairy land just for her and her friends. The parents of the children would not be left out as they would be treated to a barbeque feast as they watched their children play. Jarell knew how happy Elsa would be and could not wait to see the priceless expression on her face.

The driver pulled up the vehicle in the driveway waiting for the Jane, Jarell and Elsa to come. “Hello Rick, how are you?”Jarell said as he got out of the house. “I am well sir. Ready for Elsa’s big day?”He asked with a smile. Jarell looked at him seriously and said “i was born ready” They both laughed as they looked at Elsa walk out. She looked like a princess and was gazing shyly at the ground. Rick picked her up and wished her a happy birthday, producing a giant lollipop that he had been hiding in his pocket. She smiled as she took it. “I am driving today” Jarell said as he sat in the driver’s seat. Rick got in the passengers’ seat as Jane and Elsa sat behind.

Jane had tied Elsa’s eyes lightly with a scarf. She held her hand as she directed her to the entrance of fairyland. As she removed the blindfold, Elsa’s mouth dropped in shock. Jarell knew how happy she would be but did not expect her to be this dump folded. Her eyes were wide opened as everyone shouted happy birthday. There was a huge banner written happy birthday Elsa and a fountain of chocolate which some of her friends were already taking. She ran to Jarell and gave him a big hug “Thank you thank you” she said happily “you are the best brother in the whole wide world she said. He laughed proudly as he had made her day. She ran towards her friends and disappeared into the giant castle that hosted the children.


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