Bianka was woken up by the sound of her door bell ringing. She groaned in disapproval at the one at her door. The past few months had been terrible for her following the break up with Stefan. She wished she would forget all about him. She was sure she would have paid for her brain to be washed of his memories if this was possible. She had developed a sleeping habit as it in this time she got to forget these thoughts. On a light note though she cried less nowadays and spoke more. She had however lost considerable weight which had got her family and friends quite worried. She assured them that she was fine but this was not enough to keep them at ease. One time her parents had visited her improtu, with her father praying passionately for her to be well. Who knew a heart break would draw so much concern from all around her. It was really not about her heart break but their love and concern for her. No parent wants to see their child hurt even if this is a normal process in life.

One thing for sure however was that, she would get better in time. Time had proven to always heal all wounds no matter how long it took. She was getting better day by day. When she had gotten tired of brooding on her couch for days on end, she decided she had to change her life and redefine herself. She had immediately gotten a desire to change all that was around her and just have a fresh start. In redefining herself she had evaluated her priorities and decided no man would ever sit in her heart’s first place other than God. She had placed herself second in the list of priorities with her family and friends taking the next slot. She promised herself never to forget herself and to always live her life no matter which man would be in her life.

To celebrate her new beginning she had decided to start her own blog to keep her busy and had cut her hair to match her new self. Her blog named eat, pray, love and dance had become her new found love and gathered a huge following within the first month of its launch. She would share her life experiences and stories in a general form and encourage her followers. This, she had found quite therapeutic. The day she wrote about her break up with Stefan and what she had gone through,had become a trending topic with the post attracting over a thousand comments with different people offering their own stories.Most encouraging her that she would get better. The comments and good wishes had overwhelmed her as she read through. On that day she had learned that she would use her blog to make a positive contribution in people’s lives.

One of her personal favourite piece of the blog was the dance piece which was featured on her youtube channel. She had decided to join a dance class as one of her resolutions. She captured this part of her journey on camera and shared it with her followers. This had proven to be an exciting journey for her as she not only was able to enjoy what she was doing but also got to keep fit in the process. “I am coming” she shouted as she looked for her sandals. She opened the door reluctantly as she looked outside. “Oh no, what time is it” she asked. “Bianka are you seriously not ready?” asked her friend Ryan as he let himself in. Bianka looked at the clock and gave a small scream as she ran to her room and into the shower. “I thought so too”Ryan called after her sarcastically.

Bianka always shot her dance piece clip every Saturday at 11:00am and her clock read 11:00am.Her friend Ryan had offered to be taking the video clips for her as he was just starting to venture into video and photography, a hobby he hoped to advance to be his part time business. So far it had proved to be worthwhile as his regular videos for Bianka’s blog had received much attention and had seen him get calls from people who wanted him to cover their events. Ryan had been a childhood friend to Bianka. She however had gotten so used to him that she became convinced he was her brother. He had been a great friend to her through this  time. He had kept checking up on her during her break up. He had been so angry at Stefan and had desired to kill him with his bare hands for what he had done to Bianka. He loved her dearly and wondered how any man would ever throw away such a jewel. He had tried to be there for her as much as he could and when Bianka had told him about the idea of the blog as a way to start a fresh, he had only been more than happy to pick up his camera and walk this journey with her.

Bianka returned to the living room after about 15 minutes, picking up her phone and putting it in her bag. “What am i missing?”She asked herself as she paced around the room “Your Laptop” shouted Ryan from the kitchen. “Oh yah” she ran to her room again and got her laptop. “I am ready”she shouted at Ryan as she put on her shoes. He came out carrying a piece of cold Pizza and a coke. “Bianka this lifestyle will kill you” he said as he followed her behind “Oh Yes and i am going to be dying with you too” she said laughing loudly. She opened her car and sat at the passenger’s seat throwing the keys at him to drive.

They arrived at the dance school a few minutes past 11:30am. “Bianka you are late” said her dance teacher as she entered. “Oh yes, i am so very sorry. I woke up a bit late” she said sincerely apologetic. “You know i have students coming in at 12:00pm”he said as they walked in. “I promise to be done by 11:55”she said optimistic as she smiled at him. He could not help but smile as they walked along. Her dance teacher had allowed her to be using one of the rooms to record her dance pieces on condition that she would be out by 12:00pm when his afternoon class started. Sometimes she would feature him in her videos as her backup whenever he had time to join her. Bianka turned to Ryan who was setting up his camera and mouthed “Back in a minute”. He nodded as he continued to arrange his equipment.

She ran quickly to the changing rooms and put on her outfit. As she was running back to the class, she bumped into someone. She looked up at the man and said sorry as she continued to run, thinking how she had become so clumsy lately always bumping into people. She had to be more careful. The man turned to look at her as she disappeared into one of the classes. “What is it Jarell?”Asked his friend Taylor as he walked towards him sipping his water “you look like you have seen a ghost” he said before bursting out into laughed. He flexed his muscles as two ladies walked into the gym door giggling after saying a shy “hi”. “I be damned Taylor” he started to say “that is the same girl i bumped into at our resort a few months ago” he said still looking at the direction she had run off to. Taylor laughed as he responded playfully “Now brother, are you sure? There are many women you have met since then. How is it possible for you to remember just one girl?”He looked at Jarell’s expression which seemed serious and stopped laughing. “I mean are you serious? It couldn’t possibly be true, could it?” Taylor had continued to say. “Her eyes Taylor. Her eyes. I can never forget such sad eyes. I am positive she is the same girl” he said beginning to walk toward the direction she had gone too.

“Wait Jarell are you going to talk to her?”Asked Taylor as he walked behind him. “No not at all. I just want to see if she is okay” he said as he opened the door Bianka had stepped into. There she was. He had never gotten an opportunity to just look at her and today he intended to observe her keenly.He felt drawn to her for some reason and did not know why. Maybe it was the sad look in her eyes that reminded him of his own sad state and never having felt anybody understood until that day he saw the same look in her own eyes. They sat quietly on the floor with the rest who were waiting for their class to begin at 12:00pm.Jarell looked at her intensely as she prepared herself for the shoot. She seemed to be in deep thought as she waited for Ryan to give her the signal to begin. She was quite beautiful he thought to himself. He gazed at her every detail and watched her silently. He felt intrigued by her yet he did not know her.

Bianka during the first shoots had been quite shy and had not wanted to perform in front of a crowd. She had felt so clumsy and unnatural as she danced awkwardly each time people entered the room. She had learned to relax and could now dance with much ease forgetting that there were even people in the room. As Ryan signalled her to go she smiled brightly and said “Hey guys…”and continued as she always did each time she did her recording. Jarell could have sworn her smile had brightened up the room. She began dancing slowly as her dance teacher danced behind her mirroring her dance moves. It looked so wonderful, people could not help but clap. The dance students kept dancing along from where they stood and when Bianka danced moving to their side they easily mirrored her dance moves creating a great caption for her video clip. She finished by blowing a kiss at the camera saying “Till next time”. People clapped loudly with Taylor shouting loudest.

“Who is that girl” Jarell asked one of the students seated next to him on the floor. “Who Bianka?”She asked pointing at Bianka. He got to know her name for the first time. “Yes,” he said following her gesture. “She is a student here in dance class. She was shooting a piece for her blog” she said with her smile. “Oh really?” “Yes. Have you not read her blog?” “No i haven’t” he said with interest. “Then what are you doing here?”She asked curiously. “Oh me? I just thought i would drop by and see if the dancers here would motivate me enough to join the dance class” he said jokingly. The student could not help but laugh saying proudly “You are in the right place”. “I know so” he said looking at Bianka. “Hey would you kindly give me the name of Bianka’s blog? I would like to check it out and maybe start following for the dance pieces” he said with a charming smile. She pulled out a notebook from her back pack and scribbled down something and handed it to him. The dance teacher was shouting for the students to take up their positions. “Thank you, i didn’t catch your name miss…..” “Santana” she said as she stood up. “Thank you Santana” he said as he walked over to Taylor. As they walked out of the room, Jarell, took one last look at Bianka and for once in a long time smiled genuinely from his heart.


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