Jarell walked as fast as his legs could carry him up the stairs of the Supreme Court. Today was a great day for his clients who were former employees of the SWAN Breweries Limited. They had been retrenched ten years ago and had been in court since then trying to be compensated for their lost time and arrears. The case had seen the hands of many lawyers who had represented the clients over the years receive huge chunks of money from the company, with the aim of derailing the case. This had left the former employees devasted and frustrated over the years. It was not until they came knocking on Simba and Company Advocates,did they finally breath with relief.

It had not been easy to approach the prestigious law firm which was notorious for winning its client’s cases in accordance with the law and in the interest of justice without fear or favour, as it was also one of the most expensive law firms in the country. The team of representatives had sat nervously in the board room praying that it was Mr.Simba himself who would take up their case. As Mr.Simba had walked in, their tension had quickly diffused as he greeted them warmly. He had listened patiently to their case without interrupting even once.

When he finally spoke he did not say much only that he needed the files to be given to his associate who had sat with him the whole time and that they would meet in court the next hearing. They had looked at him with wonder and politely stopped him as he walked out “Sir is that all?” Mr.Simba had laughed deeply and turned to look at them. “For how long has this case been in court?”He had asked them “The last ten years sir” “How many of you children have missed proper education and how many of the employees have even died waiting for their justice?” “Many sir.” “Then is there need to waste more time on mere words? Let’s go and get the justice that you deserve” He had said before proceeding to walk out. It turned out that Mr.Simba had been a man more hungry for justice than money a trait that had set him apart from the rest of the lawyers in the country. A trait that had seen him remain a top leader in the legal profession.

Jarell had taken over his father’s prestigious law firm upon his father’s demise. A fact that had not received any opposition as Jarell had worked his way up since he was a young man. He had graduated top of his class. As the board members sat on that day, no one had a doubt who was best suited to replace Mr.Simba. It was no surprise when the vote was unanimous. Prior to his death, Mr.Simba was not one who gave his children opportunities on a silver platter. He believed in instilling discipline and hard working nature in them, least they turned out to be brats as he had seen with his brothers and sisters become as they grew up. He had always been a different child desiring much more than the constant gifts and money his parents gave him. Perhaps it was the lack of thrill that came with earning the free gifts and money.

The first time he had worked hard for something was while in high school. Mr.Simba had gotten a job at a local diner during the holidays to keep him busy. This was despite his parents saying it was not necessary. They knew how stubborn their son was and so just let him have it. He had turned down their offer to have him driven to work daily and instead preferred to take the bus. See Mr.Simba lived to have a kick in his life. Life as it was for him growing up was far too easy and wanted a kick in all that he did. He surprisingly loved to push for the bus in the evening, he loved the five kilometres he walked from his home to get a bus, he loved pushing in the streets with people as he came from work, he loved to run around the diner the whole day doing work, he enjoyed walking in the streets that were called dangerous and fight with the petty thugs as they tried to steal his money. The first time he got his pay cheque, his heart had been so thrilled realizing how sweet earning from one’s own hard work was. It is with this he set out to build an empire borrowing from the life experience he was gaining and his privileged background.

Jarell had turned out to be just like his father. Mr.Simba would often laugh at how similar the two were and he quickly became the apple of his eye. Jarell wishing not to be bored at home had requested his father if he could work in his mother’s fashion line company. The father did not hesitate and had allowed him. His mother being as smothering as always had given him his own office completely furnished. Jarell had quickly declined asking to begin at the lowest level and have the same treatment as the rest of the employees.

His mother offended had gone to tell Mr.Simba complaining that Jarell had wanted their family image to be distorted in the eyes of the employees. Mr.Simba had laughed heartily as he always did, as he held his wife lovingly in his arms seeing her irritated expression. “Darling how else do you want them to respect him? Building his way up is the only way he will gain the respect of all the people working there. If say you make him your assistant as you did this morning, everyone will call him incompetent just feeding of his parents’ wealth. People will hardly value his opinion in decision making as they already have named him incompetent. You see his logic love?”The wife had smiled at how intelligent his son had grown to become. She did not like that he would not get the best as of that moment but was proud that her son would grow up to be a responsible man just like her husband. It was after all this trait that had attracted her to him. “A chip of the old block eh?”She had said as she kissed him. Mr.Simba had just smiled proudly.

As Jarell reached the top of the stairs, he found his clients waiting for him. He had always been fascinated by how resilient this team had been. Today they all looked sharp in suits which they probably had been bought for this special occasion. On court days with his clients, the courts usually seemed to come to a standstill. This is because his clients in this specific case were more than a thousand. They would usually take turns in attending court sessions as they would not all fit in the court rooms. Today however they were all there. Most would remain outside waiting for the final judgement, while a few would join him. In that moment he could not help feel a little overwhelmed and anxious. What if they did not win the case? He wondered. He felt his knees weaken. He looked back at how he had handled the case since his father’s demise. He had done all that his father would have done and had argued passionately for his clients one would have wondered whether he was also a former employee. His closing statement had been so powerful leaving the court room pin drop silent for a while. He decided he had done all that a reasonable man could have done and would find rest in this.

“Good morning gentlemen. Are we ready for the judgement?”They smiled brightly as they greeted him. “Gentlemen you better take in these last moments as poor men, who have suffered for a very long time.”They all laughed loudly as it was more of a joke than a statement. “Let’s go get our final judgement” he finally said as he gestured them to the court room. People were chatting away quietly as they waited for the judges to enter. Everyone stood and remained quiet as they entered. Jarell did not seem to hear anything that had been said only when the leading judge proclaimed the judgement in favour of his clients and the court room went into a frenzy of shouts and excitement. He looked around as he smiled at the victory of his clients. The judge shouted for the courtroom to have order, directing Jarell to control his clients or suffered the consequences. The judges could not help smile at the excitement of the clients as they walked out and nodded with approval toward Jarell. They had for years seen many cases be lost for lack of passion for the client’s cases and could not help be glad these clients had finally received their justice.

The crowd outside as they received the news could not help but shout and dance for joy. Jarell just let them soak it all in as some cried in disbelief. It was no secret some had given up hope of ever winning. Ten years had been a long time to break anyone’s faith. Jarell was quickly bombarded with reporters as they sought to interview him on the case. He had nothing much to say other than Justice had been served and was happy for his clients victory, as the team grabbed him singing joyfully and some dancing. It was indeed a good day and the kick he was experiencing at the moment was amazing. He looked up the skies and said “Dad i did it.”


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