running away


Bianka was feeling very excited as she was going to meet up with Stefan. They were going for a picnic and later on dinner at a game reserve. She put on her adorable flowery dress with canvas for easy movement on the grass and forest terrain. She made a twirl in front of the mirror and smiled. She looked forward for the day. As she was applying lip gloss and humming to her favourite tune, the door bell rung. Her heart skipped a beat as it always did each time she was about to meet Stefan. She took in a deep breath and opened the door for him. He looked handsome as usual and gave her a big smile. They hugged deeply as Stefan gave her a kiss. She just wanted to remain in his arms forever.

“How have you been stranger,” Bianka said as they sat on the couch together. Stefan laughed as he looked at her. “I have been well love. You are looking beautiful today” he said with a big smile. Bianka blushed a little, forgetting all she had wanted to tell him. See today was the day she wanted them to talk about their life together and maybe get some of the answers she had been seeking from him for a while now. They had decided to take time off from work on this sunny Saturday morning to spend time together in a quiet environment to be able to talk. Bianka had been waiting for this day eagerly for it had been a while since they spend time together.

“Check this out,” Bianka said as she played a new music video for him. “Very nice? Who is it by?” “I don’t know just love it” she said smiling. Stefan laughed as he took her hands motioning her to stand up. “Love, we need to be going, we are getting late”. “Yah. Let me get my purse” She said disappearing into her bedroom. They set out for the parking lot hand in hand. The drive to the park was quite pleasant as they chatted about anything and everything. Bianka was really having a good time and could not help dreaming of living like this for the rest of her life. She turned to look at Stefan and smiled at him “What babie? Don’t distract me with your beautiful smile, you will make me lose control as i drive” he said glancing over at her for a split second. She laughed and held his face. “I really love you, Stefan”. “I love you too Bianka.”

The walk in the forest was quite pleasant. Bianka took in a deep breath before continuing to take more pictures. She had always loved nature. She was able to get away from the rest of the world and just reconnect with God as she took in every detail of perfection in the art that nature was. Stefan was lying on the ground looking at her take pictures. She turned to catch him look at her. She took a couple of pictures of him before sitting next to him. He poured her a glass of apple juice. “Stefan?” “Yes, love” “Where do you see yourself in five years?” He told her a list of his aspirations excitedly as she listened intensely.

There was no mention of her in the future plans or a future together. Her heart skipped a beat as she wondered if truly it is her he had chosen. She remember Stella one day tell her, how if a man loves a woman, he will speak of the future with her in every detail. She felt her stomach sink as she looked at him. This thoughts brought her such sorrow sometimes. He stopped midway and looked at Bianka. Her sad expression betrayed her as he quickly added “And off course marry the love of my life” he said wrapping her in a bear hug. She was not convinced as she knew he had said so to make her happy but did not seem to mean it from the heart. He tried to tickle her so that she would at least smile. She did and then returned to her thoughts asking him “Do you really want to marry me some day Stefan? The least you can do is just let me know the truth” she said thoughtfully. “Off course, love! That’s all i want for us. Now stop worrying and let’s have fun. This is your day and i want you to enjoy this weekend.”Not wanting to spoil a great day she promised herself to revisit the topic at a later time and just enjoy the moment. She had after all had a long week at work and wanted to unwind before going back.

They drove to the game reserve which was located at a hill with a perfect view. “This is so beautiful” she exclaimed as she looked over the rest of the world. “Yes it is.”They quickly changed into their swimming attire. Bianka run to swimming pool first and dove in. She swam joyfully for a while until she got tired. She left the pool and went to bask in the warm afternoon sun. The waiter arrived with her cool drink. Stefan had ordered her favourite cocktail. She smiled at how he knew her. She raised the glass at him and blew a kiss at him. He caught the kiss playfully and put it on his lips. Bianka laughed as she lay down. Stefan went back to his swimming sport. He had always been competitive and had challenged two guys he had made friends with to a swimming contest. He was also quite social.

Just as Bianka was starting to drift off into slumber land, a phone started ringing. “Come on!”She said irritated as she sat up to pick the call. It was Stefan’s Phone. She tried calling out to him to pick it but was just a waste of time as he was under the water. “Oh well” she said as she picked up the phone call. “Hello” “Hello honey” was the response, making her sit up straight and all traces of sleep be banished from her eyes instantly. She had not even bothered to look at the caller ID. She had thought it was maybe a work thing. She looked at the caller ID and saw it registered as Delilah. She was keen to know who it was and decided to play cool. “Who is this?” Bianka asked in the calmest voice she could utter. “I am Delilah, Stefan’s girlfriend” Her heart quickly sunk to her toes as she continued to listen. “You must be Bianka” Delilah continued saying in excitement. “Stefan told me about you” “He did?” Bianka asked wondering how Stefan would have the nerve to talk about his other girlfriend. “Yes. He told me you are the best sister in the world and that this weekend you were catching up” Bianka could have sworn a bullet had passed through her heart at that moment. The force the words hit her with was not normal. By now, she was trembling all over, a fact that was evident as she held the phone. “Please tell Stefan to cal me back and tell him i miss him and can’t wait to meet him on Sunday. I can’t wait to meet you too Bianka.” “I will let him know” she said silently as her voice got choked. Hot tears that had already started falling were burning her cheeks as they made her way down.

Her world stood still and everything around her seemed to go in slow motion. Her veins were throbbing against her skin as her heart beat faster than she could have ever imagined it would. Her head was pounding and could not make it stop. She looked up at the sky and saw the sun become eclipsed by the moon. “Is it already time for a solar eclipse? They didn’t announce it on the news?”She said to herself. This unknown to her was only happening in her world. She could not help trembling and it seemed to get worse. Nothing was moving around her, “is this a dream?” she asked herself.

Her trance was disturbed by a voice far away calling her name. “Bianka, Bianka are you okay?”She snapped out of it and saw Stefan looking down at her worriedly. She quickly stood up “Don’t you dare touch me!”She said in a voice laced with dark abhorrence. Stefan stood back “What is wrong?”He asked genuinely. She could not believe he was even asking her such a question. “Are you serious right now? How dare you stand there and act like an angel when you know what you have done?”She could not stand be in his presence any more, her tears now flowing like a river.The shock had turned into utter sorrow as she looked at him. “Delilah just called you” she said as she dropped his phone to the ground as if she had just realised she was holding a snake.

Stefan’s worried looked changed in an instance to that of one who had seen a ghost. Bianka took her clothes quickly and started running towards the exit. Stefan ran after her and caught her hand “Bianka please let’s talk about it” Bianka tore her hand from his grip as she looked at him. Stefan had never seen her look at him like this before. It was a look of pure hatred, it is as if her eyes were sparkling in black. He feared.”There is nothing to talk about. We are done”.

She ran into the hotel room towards the elevator. She was hysterical, she called a cab to pick her up and take her home. She was not thinking straight. She just put on her vest top and skinny sweat pants as she threw everything inside her bag. She did not bother to fix her hair or face. The only thing she knew is that she wanted to get out of the hotel as she felt like she [ was suffocating. The front desk called her to inform her that her cab ride had arrived.

She sat for a moment and for the first time broke down in tears of sadness.She could not believe how her world was crushing in front of her eyes. Was it even possible? She wondered but it continued to break in front of her. She stood and ran toward the hotel exit where she bummed into a man who held her as he thought she was about to fall on the ground. He looked at her and saw her tear filled face. He had never seen a person this sad before in his life. In that split second as he held her, he thought the worst of her situation. “Sorry sorry” said Bianka as she set herself free. “Are you okay?”He asked her but she was long gone into the cab by now.

Bianka sat in the cab as she felt her breathing become shallow. She could not breathe and felt as if she was having a heart attack. She was crying uncontrollably making the cab driver unable to move an inch before asking her whether she was fine. “Please just take me home kind sir”. He obliged. He gave her a box of tissues as he started the engine.


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