Regrets of a Nairobi Girl


Every one of us has a couple of things they did that they are not proud of. We call them regrets, always having a desire to go back in time and make amends. This will never be possible as the past is far gone. I must admit i also have done things in the past that i would like to change if the clocks would be turned. The following are the regrettable events in my life.

1. Not sleeping early enough last night instead chatted away with my twin sister, ending up wasting hours of sleep this morning. No wonder i was sleeping in the bus today.

2. Not pouring my breakfast tea in advance for it to cool before taking it. Damn i burned my tongue as i drunk it.

3. Having bought game of thrones season 1 to 5 only to realize it was not that interesting in episode one of season 1. Anyone willing to buy the copies?

4. Eating the last piece of French fries before the chicken. I would have eaten them both at the same time, it would have been more epic and sweeter that way. Lost opportunity.

5. Talking about lost opportunities, i should have run and gotten into that Versace matatu(bus), it is quite fast, now i have to live with the fact that i will reach Nairobi town 30 minutes later because i am in an old matatu. Sob! Sob! Sob!

6. I should have crossed the road with the rest of the crowd to the other side of road. Now i have to wait until all the cars and buses drive by for me to cross. How i envy the people who made it to the other side.

7. I am rocking in my chair as i wait to alight. I mean i knew before i left the house i needed to visit the ladies for short call but i did not go. If only i had listened to that inner voice i would not be rocking in my chair now.

8. I suspected i was putting too much cold water into my bucket of hot water but i didn’t stop. I thought it was a bit too hot. Now i have to shower with water that is not lukewarm but cold. I am sorry my dear body.

9. The other day as we debated whether for our evening snack we would have fast food or ice cream with mookie, we decided to vote. The results chose fast foods. If only i had rigged the results i would have been busy enjoying my vanilla-strawberry ice cream. “Why didn’t i think of doing this as i tallied the results?”i ask myself as a tear drops down my cheek.

10. Why did i have to enter the room after my twin sister at night? Now i have to be the one to switch off the lights and climb my top bunk in darkness. Ouch, the bed just hit my small toe. Tomorrow i will be the first.

11. I had the whole day to charge my smart phone in the office but instead i kept chatting and using it. Now i am in traffic and it is about to……..oh there! It just shut down. I was just about to hit send. When will i ever learn?

12. There is mookie across the road. I am going to sneak up on Him and give him a fright. Almost almost…………….He turns and sees me before i can execute my plan. Damn, why did i come laughing so loudly about my plan? I should have laughed in my head instead. Now am caught. Maybe i will try it again tomorrow.

13. The queue is quite long. Where do all these people come from on the last day of the deadline? I mean we had a whole month to beat the deadline and here we are. If only i had noted this down as my new year’s resolution, i would not be the last in line right now. Vision 2016, my dreams are still valid.

14. I didn’t hug my little adorable niece tighter the last time i saw her. Her hugs are so precious. I will take more time next time.

15. I had a choice between the purple scarf and the blue one. I choose purple. All of a sudden i think the blue scarf looks so much better than purple, i should have picked the blue one, now it’s too late.

16. At the office my phone is always on silent mode. I forgot to switch it on when i left and now i can’t find it. Calling it,is obviously useless. If only i had switched it on.

17. Watching my friends eat their chicken wings during lunch when i had ordered mixed rice. I can’t help but look at them with envy and regret.

I hope you have had a good laugh.See in life even the worst of situations can never lack a sense of humour.A reason to smile.We however all have our serious regrets in life. For me the biggest regret for anyone would be the things you had a chance to do and never really did. The beauty of making these mistakes however,is we get to learn from them and tell others about them. Life would not be life without this life lessons so smile, for you are a better you today because of the mistakes you made and learnt from.


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