One in a billion

one in billion

Every time i think of love, i think of you Persistent, trustworthy, patient, kind ,a love unconditional as yours Everyday i think of what appreciation is, i think of you .How you are caring, loving, forgiving, always there and my rock .Every minute i think about a face, i think of yours, A bright face with a bright smile full of love. To have a love like yours is a blessing, you are one in a billion.

I stare at the dark sky every night I look at the stars which live and shine beautifully in the sky What sweeps my mind is your beautiful soul I pray, if you are that beautiful star i be the sky, just to have you in my surrounding all the time, because love, with you around, i am not just good but better, for you are one in a billion.

They say a love is in prosperity a pleasure A solace in adversity A comfort in grief In joy a merry companion In rainy seasons your umbrella They are the clothes you wear, shoes that you put on, a good perfume that leaves a great scent, they are your all in all. You have been much more than that to me and everyday i love you, more for you are one in a billion.


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