“Watch it”, Bianka shouted at a motorist who had almost hit her. She was on her way to work. She was rushing as 8:00am was almost. Bianka was never one to be late. She was always on time, a factor that made her be dubbed white. She was always early for any appointment even when meeting up with friends. Just as punctual as she was, so was she unforgiving to one who wasted her time. She was notoriously known for leaving five minutes later after the appointed time. One would imagine how guilty she felt today for being late despite it being only 7:45am.She finally reached her building and rushed to hold the elevator door before it shut. Everyone was quiet in the elevator as it made its way up. Bianka smiled at this as she never understood why people were always silent in the lift. Her floor number rung and she walked out. As she walked toward her office she said “Dear God, it is a new day.May your will be done in my work today.”She always said this before entering her office.

“Good morning Ms. Bianka” called out her colleague. She replied with a smile as she sat on her desk. “You would not believe the morning i have had today, Stella” she said as she arranged her desk with her notebook and pen as she continued with the story of her morning. Stella walked up to her desk and held her shoulders. She moved her hands as if massaging her shoulders “Dear relax. It’s not that bad. We are grateful to have seen this day. You are too serious sometimes. See you are still early. You should learn to stop being so hard on yourself all the time smile.” Bianka attempted a fake smile which made Stella laugh as she walked to her desk. Bianka threw the doll that sat on her desk at Stella and hide under her desk pretending to have dropped something. Stella turned pretending to be infuriated and said “Bianka, i will kill you” “What did i do?”Bianka asked innoccently. “Very funny Ms. Bianka. You will see me, after work!”Bianka laughed at the many empty threats Stella had made to her over the days that never materialized.

Bianka adored Stella. She had become her best friend since she came to the company. Stella had been a true friend and a shoulder to lean on. Her friendship was genuine and the added plus was that she was born again and they would always encourage and watch each other’s back. Their friendship did not take long to be created as they found out they both had similar interests and enjoyed similar activities. One would have mistaken their friendship have been forged from childhood for the way they related. They sometimes even finished for each other’s sentences.

Bianka had just graduated from university recently and got a job that many of her peers were hoping to get in a few years. She was the youngest in the company and an Account Manager. She was barely even 25. She loved her work and what she did. She enjoyed the fact that it was a different job from what she had anticipated while in school. Being a business student she had suspected she would land at the bank, as most of her peers. When an airline company called her for an interview, she was not only surprised but fascinated. During the interview she was more amazed than nervous. She prayed she would get the job. She could not help but scream went she was called back and told to start the following week. So far it had been quite an interesting ride as she had gotten to travel the world and meet people from all walks of life.

As Bianka headed downstairs to make her presentation she could not help but wonder why her boyfriend, Stefan had not called her to say good morning. She always used to find herself looking for him most of the time and when she did not she would find herself calling to ask why he had not reached out. He always used to have a ready answer something that made her wonder. Lately, their relationship seemed more routine than exciting with every small thing sparking of unnecessary fires. She wondered whether their love still existed or whether the same had been replaced with endurance. As the days were passing by, she begun to wonder whether really they were headed for the blissful life that all hoped for. This thought always paralyzed her as she could not imagine life without him. She however could not stop desiring more. Something that would have a meaning. She had always felt like a stranger with him and it was like walking on egg shells with him all the time. She wanted nothing more than to make their relationship work but more than anything it seemed the more things changed the more they remained the same. Despite all these she loved him dearly and prayed everyday they would work. She looked at her smart phone to see if she had received any message. ‘No new message’ was the message that met her eyes. She felt her spirit drop as she turned her phone off. She took a deep breath before entering the room where the visitors and her colleagues waited. How she longed for more. She shook her head sadly before she swiped her key card to the room.

“Good morning gentlemen. Ready to begin? ”She said with a big smile as she gestured the guest toward the big screen. Her greetings were received warmly with some of the men even smiling more brightly than they should, as they secretly admired her. A few hated that she had just come to the company and gotten the position they had being eyeing all those years. They however could not deny she was a beautiful woman who was also brilliant. Her work had been great and they were still looking for a wrong but didn’t find one, a fact that made her dislike her even more. Others were just glad to have a beautiful lady before them make a presentation and nothing was ever boring about that. For now however they had all had one thing in common and it was to listen to her. Bianka turned to face the boardroom and with a smile said “Good morning passengers, this is your captain speaking, welcome aboard flight 557……”This saw the boardroom crack into laughter and applause at the light joke. It is with this Bianka started off her power point presentation.


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