The one



Jarrell had been standing at the gate for a while now waiting to pick up his small sister from school. He could not believe how fast she had grown. He adored his small sister so much and always hanged out with her. It would have seemed weird as his little sister was only five years old however he preferred her to grown women who had kept letting him down. He had stopped dating and was currently focussed on his career and taking care of his small sister. They had been left alone in the world as their parents had recently both succumbed to their death along Eugene road. It had been the worst day of Jarrel’s life. His sister was too young to understand what had happened but this did not make the situation any better as he dreaded each time beautiful Elsa asked him innocently “Jarell where is mommy? I really miss her and daddy?”He never knew what to say and despite his pain he had to be strong for both of them.

Those had been the worst days of his life. He did not understand why God would allow such a terrible thing to happen. He became withdrawn and never wanted anyone to talk about it. He did not move anything in his parents’ room and it still looks as it did two years ago. One would be forgiven to believe and think its occupants had just left in the morning and would be coming back to sleep in the night. How short life is and how death robs us of our best people. Jarell could have lost it if it had not been for his small sister, who had been anchor. Each time he felt sorry for himself he always remembered his small sister who had been left at only 3 with her whole life ahead of her. He thought of the pain of losing a mother at such a young age. He at least had been able to enjoy his parents’ presence all through his adult age.Elsa would never get to experience this and he felt so sorry for her. This inspired him to be the best big brother and provide for her all that she needed and be there for her in the best way he could. He knew he would never be enough for her and prayed to God for her to grown up knowing how loved she was.

Jarell’s thoughts were interrupted by the small yet loud voice of Elsa who came rushing towards him with a big smile. He squatted so that he could be able to pick her up in his arms. He could not help but smile. She was such a bundle of joy. She was always so happy and energetic. She saw him every day but her reaction had never changed each time she saw him. She would have a huge smile, her eyes widen and start screaming. This had turned out to be the highlight of his day everyday as he always looked forward to seeing her. She had become one of his most treasured persons and being only two of them they had ended up being friends too. He could not believe how macho of a man he was yet one would drop in utter shock if they came home and found him being applied make up by Elsa. The things you do for love he always exclaimed.

Elsa was never one to shy away from talking. She started telling him how her day had been. She never left out any details. He always loved the way she would mention people’s names in her stories as if he knew them. He had learned to play along and you would hear him once in a while exclaim “Naomi didn’t just do that!”Prompting Elsa to continue telling her stories with even more excitement. The drive home was pleasant and within no time they were home.Elsa came out first, running to the house. She switched on the television and immediately tuned in to her favourite TV show Sofia the first. Jarell entered the living room behind her heading straight to where Elsa sat. They always argued everyday about watching before changing into home clothes. “Elsa, what did we say about this?” “That i change first before watching TV” she said in a small voice looking quite adorable while at it and quickly added in her most sweet voice “but it’s Sofia”. Jarell had to smile as he called out for Jane, their house help to come and pick her up and take her to her room to change. He always used to lose any fight with Elsa and would always call out for Jane to come help. She was able to handle her so politely yet with such firmness something he had never been able to do. He always told her she was a miracle worker.

Jane had been living and working in the family for the longest time, in fact longer than Jarell would even remember. As far as he was concerned she had been ever since he was a baby. She had been like a second mother to him and Elsa. She had not only been a house help but a friend to the family over the years. Her presence was most appreciated the day his parents died as she was able to handle everything flawlessly despite grieving as well. They had been great friends with his mother and Jarell knew how much her death had affected her. Jarell had released her during that period to go back home but she had refused saying this was the only home she had known, with her husband long deceased and children all married. Jarell silently appreciated her kind gesture for he knew once his mother had requested her to always take care of them in case of anything. He knew that she decided to stay to keep this promise to her dear friend and Jarell was only glad to oblige. He was secretly very glad as he truly needed her but had not wanted to keep her there without her consent.
As Jarell was walking down the stairs Elsa quickly rushed past him heading to the living room. “Elsa be careful”. He was sure she had not heard him as the next thing he heard was her singing along to the Sofia’s theme song. He went sat next to her as he kissed her forehead and watched her as she sung loudly. Such a free spirit he thought. She had no worries in the world and enjoyed every moment of her life. She would even find stirring tea fascinating. He laughed out loud at the thought.Elsa turned to look at him and made a face before turning her face back to the TV and just like that she had forgotten why she had made the face. He smiled at the innocence of a child.

He switched on his tablet to check his mail. He always seemed to have a million messages each time he switched it on. As he was passing through the mail, he paused for a second and thought of how much he missed a companion in his life. He had Elsa and Jane but they would not amount to a companion. He always had to be strong for everyone else, at the company and at home. He always desired to let someone else in and to just be vulnerable with them. Someone who would listen and be strong for him also. This he had never found and most ladies seemed to love him for the wrong reasons and had always left him broken hearted as he had always desired a meaningful relationship. This had led him to kiss dating goodbye. A decision he had not regretted this far.


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