Lovely sisters

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Sisters!How beautiful and adorable they are. They are like a breath of fresh air in my life, the stars that are always shining, letting you know they are always there. They are like stubborn tenants who refuse to vacate from your heart. I love my sisters a lot! I have always seen them as huge gift boxes given to me by my dear Father. They have a way of making even the gloomiest of days turn to sunshine. Today i would like to appreciate these beautiful ladies, who have been by my side since, let’s see…………..hmmmmmm….My whole life hahahahaha.

Way back when i had not set foot on earth or even imagined its existence, two young girls were already roaming the world. I did not know who they were at the time but i would soon find out. The only one i knew was the one i saw before me. She was as tiny as i was and pretty quiet. We did not speak much as we both preferred to sleep if we were not eating. Our home saw us hug each other most of the times as we swum around. At this time i did not know that the one before me would end up being my twin sister,Naomi and best friend. Our bond and friendship, begun that moment in our mother’s womb.


The day finally arrived when we would get to be introduced to a new world, alien to us. We were not yet ready to come out,for the fear of the unknown but we had to admit the space in our current home was no longer sufficient for the two of us. It had seemed to get smaller and smaller by the month. A fact that saw us fight sometimes in the womb. As my sister made her exit, i heard her cry and wondered whether the outside world was really a good idea after all. I hide and decide not to come out. It took some convincing by the kind doctor, who mentioned the cry was a sign of first breath of life that i was able to come out a few minutes later. I also cried. The light was so bright and everyone else around us seemed like giants. I looked around for my long time companion and saw her. We both smiled at each other as we lay side by side and nodded our heads at each other ‘to new beginnings’.

As we were both trying to take in this new environment, two heads popped up above us. It was a bit scary because,as i said everyone around us was a giant. These ones were however a bit smaller than the other giants. They kept smiling and saying how excited they were to have new small sisters. We looked at each other wondering what the strange term sister meant. So strange. Even the way they spoke was alien. One was very talkative and kept smiling at us .We both wondered how this strange creature would talk so much at once. We later came to know her as Jacky, our second born big sister. The other one was quiet just observing us with a curious smile, we later came to know her as Caroline, the first born of the family. As we were led out by our two new sisters and our parents we knew this marked the beginning of a new life of sisterhood.

The final encounter with a new sister came much much later in our lives. The excitement was still as much. We couldn’t believe that we would get to introduce another one all over again, this time as the four of us. On the arrival day i was felt a bit anxious for i had never welcomed a small baby before. Our big sisters stepped in and told us they would have our backs and teach us how to be a big sister to a small sister. When i saw her for the first time, i was surprised at how amazingly small she was. Is this how we looked? i wondered. This wonder was quickly replaced by strong feelings of joy of having a brand new sister and getting to be a sister and friend to the new one,called Tracy.

Having many sisters as i have come to learn is an awesome experience. They seem to be the only constant true friends in your life. So many friends come and go but they always remain to be true. I love that they are always there and have your back in all that you do. I love the solidarity of our sisterhood in all matters that face us. It really is easier when you know you have them with you at such a time. I love that they can just sit there and tell you nothing yet their silence communicates all that needs to be said. I love the freedom that i have with my sisters, it’s the only one time that i get to drop my high guard for i am in a safe space. Having grown up together, you get to see them in all their seasons, from the best to the worst and still love them oh so very much. I love that while we are having a conversation, words never seem to run dry. I love the genuine happiness and joy for the other’s prosperity and happiness in life. One sad fact i have come to learn about friends is that they not always happy when you doing well. It is always consoling for them to know that you are going through problems just as they are. With sisters however they understand that your happiness is their happiness while their sorrow yours.

When i grew up and moved on to school, i expected that i would make new friends who i would call my best friends. This was in an attempt to have friends and sisters separate. This was not hard and soon i had a bunch of friends and a best friend under my sleeve. I have a bad or good habit of always seeing the good in people and never expecting any evil from one i call friend. As usual, this was a harsh reality i had to learn the hard way. Some seemed to be friends to gain something, others seemed to be a friend when it was convenient, others seemed to be friends while within the confines of the walls of the school, Others were friends when i was a bundle of fun, while others i never really understood what they were. It didn’t take long for me to realize that these were not going to be lasting friendships. As i walked out of each school i had set foot in my life’s journey, one thing became candidly clear, friends are bond to disappoint you constantly but sisters are always there never leaving you and always take you as you are. It is with this i knew my sisters were not only my sisters but my best friends too. I got to get the best of both worlds and i cherished them.

As days continue to go by i can only look forward to the days ahead with all of you as my sisters and friends. I do not always remember to say i appreciate you but i do even in my silence for you have always been my four angels. You all have been my rocks, my pillows to cry on, my patient friends, my shoulders to lean on, my inspiration, my greatest treasures on earth. You have been wise in your words of advice as you remained firm but not judgemental. You all are truly priceless.

I have seen you all work so hard, i pray prosperity will forever follow you. I have seen you all remain so loving and kind hearted even when most of these times were unfavourable, I pray God to always bless you for this and to always remember you. I have seen you all give so selflessly, without a hint of selfishness, i pray that your fortunes never run dry. I have seen you all love earnestly, i pray that you all receive this love back in its most abundant form.

I remember i was once asked “who are the people in your life who have made you be who you are today?”. My sisters topped that list. If I had one wish it would surely be to give you all as much as you’ve given to me. Today i thank you all for being not only my sisters but dear friends. My love and gratitude for you all has no end.


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