Back in school as we signed our scrapbooks to immortalize the memories of the friends, who we had come to grow fond off and love, a list of personal questions were asked. One popular question was ‘what’s your favourite colour?’I never really understood the rationale of the questions asked however i knew at least i wanted to go with a piece of my friends and these questions would be the dear memories i would hold on to when they were gone. Back to the popular question, i never cared much for colours and so i would write colour blue as i love the sky. I am fascinated by the idea of so much colour in one place, which would otherwise be too much but so artistically perfect for the sky. Other times i would write black for it made its object look sleek and its deep intense aura. As you can see, i was never really sure of the colour i loved. If the question would be equated to my career path, one would have said i was still undecided. This went on for quite a while, until i met red.

I remember the encounter vividly as if it was just yesterday. I had seen red before but never really paid much attention to it. It was after all just another colour. On this day however, i stopped dead in my tracks and stared at red. I had never seen a colour more perfect, more alluring, more passionate, more exciting, more heart racing as red was on that day. It was like a whole new colour never seen before. There was something different this time. What was it i wondered, oh yes, the perfect shade of red. The way it dressed the rose was no doubt the work of the great artist, our dear God. As i touched the rose petals, i felt its smooth texture against my bare skin and delighted at its flawlessness. I could not see any flaw in this gracious flower, not until it pricked me. I wanted to throw the rose down for hurting my little finger but before i could i saw red yet again, this time in liquid form as it trickled down my finger. I looked at it as a young man looks at his true love. The passionate red was running through my veins giving me life and in this moment it sparkled as the sun reflected on it. I turned to touch the rose with a smile. No one told me red had a texture, on this day i felt it. My heart beat slowly as i smelled the rose, knowing from that day forward, i had found my one true love in colour. I had found the one.

See the moment red entered into my life things changed. Red never spoke but its words and influence were evident. Each time i slip on my red dress, the occasion is not as mundane and routine as other dress ups, it turns to be a ‘lights and camera’ moment. I feel the dress as it kisses my skin all the way until it is neatly zipped up and hugging my body as if for dear life. As i look at the mirror, a fire is lit in me as i look at this lady transform into the lady in red. She seems different. I cannot help but smile broadly, the red lips complementing the radiant smile. I twirl childishly in front of the mirror as i say “Today is going to be an exciting day” before walking out. Who knew red had the power to turn an ordinary day into an exciting one.

My attention is rarely captured by things, however red always does. It makes me turn my head and stare at its beauty each time. It always looks amazing each time i see it. I will find myself subconsciously preferring to pick out red places first over places with other colours. I prefer tomato sauce over vinegar, red velvet cake over black forest, red car over white, the red seat over the blue one. The red rose over the lilies. The red team over the blue one. You may call it biased i call it true love.

I identify with red not only because it is pleasing to my eyes and heart but also because of a personal connection. See red is not only a mere colour. In different contexts it can mean different things. To a dying man, it means the river of life, to a couple, love, to the fashion world, it can mean the trending colour in fashion, to a young lady’s lips the weapon of seduction and so much more. For me it means different things at different times. It sometimes reminds me of enthusiasm for life as its exciting personality tells me to sometimes let loose and paint the town red once in a while. Other times it awakens and reveals my passionate side in a way i never thought possible, reminding me my emotions can be as sweet as honey and as deep as the ocean. Other times it challenges me with its boldness, giving me a push toward my goals and dreams. Other times it reminds me of a culture that i admire for remaining true to themselves.

Red, how truly perfect you are in your perfect imperfections. Your imperfections have however seen me look unto others for a thing or two, sometimes. It is not because i love you less such days, it’s just that although you have been adequate in my life situations, you are not always enough. Red you have not been a good mentor in the lesson of anger, i remember this each time i am burning red hot with fury. On such days i look unto colour blue to teach me how to be cool. Colour green though distant from me, always gives me life and reminds me to take a deeper breath each time and delight in the finer things in the life it gives. Purple never forgets to remind me that i am royalty and a queen no matter what the world says. I can never forget my people, since yellow is always passing by. Orange is never far from me, it kisses my skin each morning and rejuvenates Vitamin D in me. Sometimes i just want to play and be a small girl again, pink is always ready to do exactly that for me and i cannot say peace without thinking of white.

Don’t be blue my red for the things i say, despite all you remain to be the one true colour for me. Today i wrote not to expose your beautiful flaws but to celebrate your perfection in these flaws. You have always taught me how to be passionate, driven, spontaneous, exciting and confident. My heart always beats for you each time my heart pumps you through my veins reminding me, that red you are not only my passion but the river that flows through me giving me life.


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