When i write……

when i write

What do you love doing? What is your hobby? I have a couple. I love singing, taking long walks in nature, reading, watching movies, public speaking, encouraging people and my all time favourite WRITING.

Over the years i have written a couple of books, which remain unpublished. They are credited for the dust they have accumulated on the shelf. I remember back in school when i started writing a series of novels. I would write a chapter a day. I shared them at first with my twin sister, who was and still is my number one fan. While she was reading it, someone in her class borrowed her, the novel and read it.

Unknown to me the first series of the novel had started doing rounds in her class and word about it had spread like bush fire. The next thing i knew was people asking for my novel and there being a long line waiting to read it. I had to write down their names so that i know who would be next on line. At first i was just writing out of pleasure but when people started asking constantly when the next chapter would be ready i was pressured to write faster. I never minded because it was never a task for me.

As we finished school, i was kindly requested to publish the novels so that they would follow up on the series and if i could get it be turned into a movie, i please do. They left with a promise to continue being my loyal fans.I never really continued to write novels,as life got in the way. I however continued to write on everything else that i wished.

This year, one of my new year’s resolutions was to become a blogger. It is something that i have always put on hold till a convenient time. This year i decided against the enemy called procrastination and i just did it. Here i am now typing away.Starting to blog for me was not intent on getting a following.I at first yet again started to write to make myself happy, because i really enjoy it. It was something that i was doing for myself. You know those things that you do for you and no one else, like a spa day? This was it for me.

When i started i said to myself, “no one has to know about this”. Just my twin sister, who loves reading my work. There is however no secret on the internet is there? Hahahahaha. As the number of followers increased, i knew then i had to use this as a platform. I have always believed that my life is not my own, but my darling Jesus. If He wanted to use my blog as His platform sometimes, then it was my pleasure to say yes.

I am normally asked how i am able to come up with content for my articles and the few books i write. It’s funny because it’s never as people view it. It is something that is just there and you just cannot explain it. Guess that’s why it is called a hobby, something you were born with. I however must share that writing for me is not as simple as taking tea. I write when i feel inspired. This way, the words flow out of me like a river. Non-stop. This is how i can get a good story out of me. When i try to write when i am not inspired, i feel like i am doing a very hard exam. Such days i just stop and save the draft to revisit the chapter another day.

What inspires me to write? Everything. I can be walking down the street and see a woman in deep thoughts and think to myself, “i wonder what it is she is thinking about”. Then i go like, “maybe something she does not want us to know.What can i call that” i ask myself. “Let me call it the undesirable element” and just like that i start writing the story on the undesirable element in our lives. Everything has a story behind it and i always love to be the one to say that story.

When i write i am totally free. I cannot even explain the feeling. It is one of the greatest feelings for me. I am not much of a talker but i am very outspoken with my words. If you need me to tell you how i feel, give me a pen and paper. One of my favourite moments when i write is when my dear friends and family read blog posts that i have written about them.

Their excitement is very fulfilling as i look at their facial expressions reading the piece. It was quite touching for me when my mother and twin cried as they read my blog post on ‘mama’. As i looked at them i could not help but be moved at how weightless letters are yet so powerful to move us. It is with this i vowed to use my writings to bring love, hope, happiness and encouragement.To forever speak life.


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