Google! I know right? I had to write about it. There have been extremely great inventions and technologies in the recent past. I however must say one of my favourite is google. I mean, what’s up with their awesomeness? They are not only creative but also have answers to everything. Almost.g90

I mean i can even google myself, regardless of my non-celebrity status and still find myself. Wow! This was a privilege that was only enjoyed by the famous and searches for self would result in –no results found -.The first time i searched for myself on google i was elated. There i was ME! With my picture. It was a great feeling.

Isn’t it crazy how one can google(take note, the word search has been replaced with google lately)anything, no matter how stupid or lame and get more than 100,000 results. I mean who is that guy who knows everything behind my computer? I know it is a team but still, awesome !Isn’t it creative how for each holiday or celebration the google sign always is in line with the theme of the day.(They are called doodles).

My personal favourite is Kimani+Maruge+google+doodleOf Kimani Maruge’s first day in primary school. Isn’t it amazing how google has pictures of every kind and description? If you don’t believe me try it. One of the greatest things about google is its non-judgemental attitude. It doesn’t look down upon your spelling mistakes and always gives you result of what you intended to look for. It goes further to anticipate your question and finishes it off for you. Oh google, how brilliant you are.

Today i googled “Funny quotes and memes of google and the results were hilarious. Get it? I googled google and got an answer. Great Friday everyone.



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