Small children



I do not know why each time i see a small child my heart melts and at the same time i smile. I do not understand this effect and i am sure many of us feel the same, especially the ladies. I mean what’s up with their small cute eyes? It’s like they just see right through you and melt your heart. Are their eyes laser beams? Hahahaha. How i love small children. They so cute and adorable. Sometimes i think of living in a house and my roommates be many small children. I would so very much enjoy talking to them every day and answering their interesting questions like my niece asking me why i was coughing before proceeding to imitate me.

Remember the age old question, “if you were to be stuck in an island, who would you like to be stuck with?” I have had varied answers over the years, but come today my answer would be different. I would love to spend the time with many small children. They would be such perfect companions. They would be so happy to be there and fascinated by everything to get any panic attacks. Their enthusiasm would be my encouragement and hope in those days. I would stay with them long enough to be just like them. We would make friends with the animals easily because, not even wild animals can resist their cuteness. They would be my pleasant companions and i would not even realise as the days passed.

Small children are yes so small yet so powerful in their own right. What is the most appealing thing about small children? I would have to say everything. It’s true they are a lot of work sometimes, but each time you see them, the enthusiasm they approach you with, makes all your struggles and complains fade away just as fast. It is so worth it. I can only imagine how parents feel when they walk through the door in the evening and they are met by this tiny, cute bundle of joy screaming with excitement to see them. Oh my goodness it must be the most precious thing in this world. I wonder if i am this amazed about children, what about parents? I am sure their story would be never ending.

What’s up with us when children are around? I am talking about children in buses, the streets, malls, you name it. All of a sudden we forget we are adults and start making funny faces and our tone of voice changes, all in the effort of making the child smile. We seem to lose ourselves and let the uptight grown up instinct down. We engage in what others may call silly and would earn one an “oh grow up!” for a couple of minutes before we are forced to go back and pick up our uptight grown up ways. Is it really silly though?

I look at the world and see so many grownups, who are inconsiderate, unkind, selfish, conceited and so much more. I see so many wars and conflicts in this world ruled by adults and sometimes fear for the future. I turn to observe the small children as they play and i envy them. Such innocence, such kindness, such happiness, such peace, such purity of heart always with good intentions for they know no evil. A world ruled by children would see the end of many world vices and best of all, wars. I see other children African and white, rich and poor children play in sand together and roll in it as they laugh and hold hands.images

Only to grow up and be taught to discriminate and respect what we call different classes in life. Looking at the two scenarios i can’t help but wonder who i prefer to be my advisor. I further wonder if growing up was such a good thing after all.

I have always believed life is simple but being grown up as we are, we always find a way, i mean ways to complicate it. Even the way we laugh when we become grown up in some circles has to be civil, least we are said to be uncouth. Kindness is perceived to be weakness. Peace is thought to be unheard of. Purity of heart is thought of as crazy. Innocence is deemed naive. Compassion is yet again a sign of weakness. Smiling constantly in the professional world makes you look less serious than your non-smiling colleagues. I mean it is just amazing how when we grow up all we knew as children is replaced.

Life is a great teacher and we get to always learn and grow from its lessons. On this day the lesson being how to learn from small children. To learn how to unleash the inner child in us, for this child never died, was only silenced. To love beyond the borders. To forgive as easily as we laugh at a joke. To remain receptive to others no matter where they come from. To play as hard as we work. To delight in the little things of life. To love deeply. To let down our guard sometimes and  randomly just dance in the streets, for after all life has never been that serious. To be thankful for all things. To hug for dear life our loved ones, for hugs do heal. To always and forever, choose peace and love over conflict.

I see why Jesus said spoke of children fondly and said to enter heaven would be easy for them.


Who would be a better candidate to enter heaven than them? Dear Lord, help me be just like them.


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