Happy Easter


Let me start by praying you all a blessed Easter holiday.

On a calm night, Mary and Joseph welcomed into this world a child. To the onlookers it was just a normal day and probably pitied Mary for bearing her child in a manjor. “How sad and poor this couple must be” they thought to themselves. Yet in that quiet night laced with uttermost simplicity the savior and king of the whole world was born.The one and only sacrifice that was without blemish.

In this season we remember this one man’s simple and tremendous act on the cross at Calvary.This has been recorded as the greatest act of love the world has ever seen.The most precious miracle an gift.Wait,what does Easter have to do with eggs and bunnies.It really is not about that,so does santa claus and Christmas.Just a lie of the devil to steal the true reason for the season.

I reminisce on the great act of love on this day for it is what it is all about.It must be the greatest holiday on earth for it is the day our saviour Jesus Christ died and rose again,having conquered the grave and becoming our redeemer for all times sake.A one off sacrifice to last a lifetime.Only a God who loves His people would sacrifice His only son to save our undeserving world.I thank you God,on behalf of us all.

I take this time to wish you all a happy Easter holiday and enjoy,as you delight in the great love of our God to save us all through His son Jesus Christ.It’s only by believing in our hearts and confessing that He is Lord,as we confess our sins and repent,that we become born again or saved.And come on,if it wasn’t for Him we would not be having a four day holiday,Cheers Jesus.

May the revelation of our Lord Jesus be your portion this Easter season.

Picture credit:www.iloveyou-image.com



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