Being you and you me

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This is a concept that seems so ridiculous yet so real in every way. One cannot really understand another or put themselves in their situation, unless they walk a mile in their shoes. Usually most of us are too preoccupied to do so. I mean we are already dealing with our issues as it is. Most of the time we will never have to walk in another’s shoes because it is not mandatory. Some of us will try to be empathetic for we are naturally blessed with compassionate hearts, while others will keep on living without a care and not bothered by other people’s troubles. It’s a matter of choice and this is how the world runs daily.

This is the constant factor of life, only until a variable is introduced. This variable is called love. This variable comes with its own rules, one being the concept of ‘you are me and i am you’. What does it even mean i always wondered. The first time i encountered it, it seemed strange and i did not know how one is supposed to be someone else. I continued to be me because that’s all i knew how to be. This is a fact i did not reveal to my beloved for i was afraid of being dubbed unschooled in the lessons of love. Today however i come clean.

Dear Beloved,
The first time i met you, i did not know what being you and you me meant. At that point in time, It seemed ordinary for me to continue being me. Being me meant i look and do everything from my point of view. I pursued this path with diligence and always believed how i saw things was the right way. How could i not? I was judging everything from my standards which were right. Anything that did not appeal to me seemed amiss and i demanded correction instantly. When self is ruling it is really hard to see when self is wrong. The word selfless is unheard off. I want what i want. I need what i need. The dictionary describes this as selfish. I didn’t have a dictionary at the time.

For you my beloved, it all seemed to come naturally to you. All the me’s were quickly replaced with we and each time you would discuss anything pertaining us, you were quick to utter we. It seemed so strange. You seemed unconscious to preservation of self. Each time i spoke as i want, i need, you would lovingly correct me to say we, for i was not alone. Each time i opened my mouth to justify my i and why it was appropriate for that discussion, my words sounded like a hushed selfish, which i would always ignore. In all these times you did not raise a finger to accuse me of being so, but always repeated the same words ‘you are me and i am you’, words that seemed engraved in your heart.

As the days turned to weeks and weeks to months, i begun realising living for me, was not working in our union. It did hurt me each time i hurt you with my selfish persona .I wondered why i would do all those things oblivious of the fact i would hurt you. It seemed confusing to me for i loved you truly, i just did not understand why i was your pain when all i wanted was to be your peace. That’s when i realised i was still living for me. I realised in this new world the rules are different. To get results, it is necessary to drop me and pick up you, for we.

This is true, ‘You are me and i am you’. I think of what would be worse to loose, my life or you. I know the answer is you. You have turned out to be me and loosing you would mean losing my life. I think of laughter without you and realise i prefer sorrow with you for there we shall be together at least. I think of a life without you and the world has no sunshine anymore. I think of walking a mile and i see walking it with you. I think of my last piece of pie and i think of sharing it with you. I think of good health and i want that to be you. I think of everyday and i see you. I think of you and i see me.

My beloved, i have come to learn love is not as complicated as we always make it to be. It is simple but despite this simple truth, we can make it complicated to a point it loses its beautiful meaning. Love i have come to learn is a simple you are me and i choose you unconditionally everyday. My cherished beloved I do not promise to be the best, never to fail or forget this at some point. I do promise however to always remember this precious love lesson, being you and you me,always.

Fair lady.

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