We are always told that there are guardian angels watching over us. We imagine them as big beautiful creatures with white wings, wearing white robes and sandals. What they failed to tell us is that actually these angels are presented to us in human form as our mothers. They are by far the sweetest and greatest angels on earth. Did mother’s day pass already? I guess it did and does not matter because mothers are far too awesome to be celebrated in one day and so i pick everyday to appreciate mothers all over the world beginning with my dear mama.

What was God thinking when He created mothers? Surely wasn’t He thinking of everything? I mean you have not met hardworking until you meet a mother, you have not encountered love until you experience a mother’s love, you have not experienced strength like that of a mother protecting a child, you have not met a much better comforter than mother, the word selfless was never apparent to you until you saw mother write it down in your dictionary, you have never met a doctor who heals you like mother, do you know what multitasking is? Please look at mother.

Are mothers’ super humans? How does one manage to take care of everyone in the house including father and still go to work and school and excel? How did mother carry a life for 9 months and survive that excruciating pain that has been proven enough to kill a human? How is it possible for her to remain awake the whole night singing to baby and yet look fresh in the morning as she serves us breakfast? How does she manage to say it is all fine when it is not? How does she remain sane through all this madness and still remain the strongest and most calm person i know?

How precious mothers are. The whole world maybe against you and for the right reasons sometimes but mother will still see good in you and advocate for you till her last breathe. They are the first to wake up and last to sleep. They watch us grow throughout the years with our changing patterns and sometimes, we shunning them and still love us unconditionally.

Mother, i have seen you sleep hungry for me to have something to eat, i have seen you work in places that were not good enough just to see me go to school, i have seen you sacrifice your happiness and dreams just to see mine come to be, i have seen you stay when you wanted to leave just because of me, i have seen you wear the same dress year after year, just to see me have all that i need, i have seen you laugh so hard when i know deep inside you were dying, i have seen you bear the weight of a home and life that you didn’t have to but you did it with a smile. Oh mother how amazing you are to me. I just want to be like you in every way, for you are truly a queen.

The thought of losing a mother is the most frightening. How would i live in this world without your dear care and love? How would i know what to do? Where would i go when i was in trouble? Who would stand by me when everyone else runs? Oh mother, please don’t leave me. Please stay with me. Be the last to leave for i never want to see you leave. No one and even worse a child should live without a mother. Unfortunately this has not always been so.

The other day my greatest fear unfolded in front of my eyes when i was told of my best friend’s mother’s passing. My heart stood still and everything surrounding me paled as i watched everything disappear. It all looked so meaningless and useless. I thought of her and her family and saw their world shatter in pieces and how helpless they were to stop it. I wanted to run and hide for i didn’t know how i could comfort them when i was broken too.

How would i answer their questions when i had the same questions? How could i tell them everything would be alright when truly it wasn’t? How could i tell them all things work together for good for those who love the Lord when i didn’t see the good at that moment? How could i tell them it was God’s plan when it was such a terrible thing to doubt if such a good God would allow such a thing to happen. How could i say i understand their pain when i did not and could not pretend to understand what they were going through? Oh Lord give me wisdom and courage to know how to be there for them in every humanly way possible, for only you can heal a human heart from all this pain.

I look at her picture and still believe it’s just another horrible dream. Mother i see you. I am looking at you. You are so real to me. I see your beautiful smile and hear your laugh loud and clear in my ear. I cannot believe you are not here and i have not believed since i heard. Why did you leave? I wish i had the power to make you stay. You broke my heart but crushed my dear best friend and family’s heart to nothing.

Mother you are so real to me. Death is such a cruel thing. The worst thing mother is none of us can call you or text, whatsapp, skype, email, viber , where you are. It’s at this point i realize how futile these things are if they can’t help us reach you. Mother we would only like to know one thing, are you well? Only that mother and we shall let you enjoy your new life. How beautiful you are mother, surely we will never see you again? We miss you dearly.

I celebrate and appreciate all lovely mothers in the whole world. The world is so beautiful with you and when you leave, you leave with a part of us and the sunshine. Of all the great gifts God gave us, you must be the greatest gift of them all, for you are our love letter from God.


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