Sound of music


Isn’t the best sound on earth, good music? It takes me to another place in life. I get totally lost and drift away. Did you know it’s impossible to stand still and rigid to the sound of music? Slow or fast. A part of your body must move, if not you are forcing it. Oh the power of music. It’s enough to lighten up a dark mood, enough to get a party started, enough to silence a crying child, enough to console a sick person, enough to release your pain and the greatest is its ability to bring the presence of God down? How powerful is music!

Music is different to all of us and all love different genres. Music speaks to all of us in a different way. I will sometimes listen to a song and feel nothing then listen to it tomorrow and it sounds better becoming my message of the day. It may mean sadness to one person and great joy to another .It may mean the beginning of a love story while to another it’s the end of one. It may mean patriotism and identity for a country and a school. It is a great channel to speak when words are not sufficient. It seems to speak better than actual words. Someone once said that music is how feelings sound like. Deep and true. How come when one sings it’s devoid of accent while without the difference is noted?

Music is yet again a beautiful gift from God. I think of a world without music and realize how mundane it would be. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about music is its ability to transform someone either for better or worse. The essence of music is really is in its inspiration. How this inspiration makes it mark in the song and remains evident, influencing millions of people will forever fascinate me. So simple, yet so powerful. So weightless, yet so heavy. How intricately all the details are arranged and finally such a lovely sound.

I love music and mostly worship songs. They literally enter my ears and cause my body organs to tremble at the presence of God in them. These songs have transformed my life mightily and bring unexplainable peace over my life. They heal me and restore me when am down and weary.Truly my life’s purpose is to worship this Awesome God. Thank you Lord for all musicians who sing life transforming songs and mostly make our world beautiful with the sound of music.

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