Happy Love Day


Love,love,love. The greatest phenomena in earth. The greatest men have bowed down to the heavy weight of love. I love the way in the movies, this tough strong man is afraid to love someone because their opponent will recognize it’s his weakness and use it against him. So this man stays without a lady but eventually ends up falling in love with her. This man ends up having defeated the opponent because he dared lay a finger on his precious girl. It’s always funny how they are now even stronger than before fuelled by their love for their girl. The movie ends leaving me in tears and a huge smile as i watch the two ride off into the sunset.

It’s truly one of the most beautiful gifts on earth, a gift from God. Tomorrow is the big day when lovers believe they should be together as the town is painted red and different couples are seen walking hand in hand or sharing a meal looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. It’s a day most ladies hold highly and look to with high expectations. Flowers, a card and a box of chocolates always do the trick as some others go for a romantic dinner to end the day in style. We are such love fanatics.

What is love any way? I mean i know but i truly do not understand how a man and woman apparently love each other. Why are we so convinced when we first meet someone who we fall in love with, will be our one and only? Why are we so sure we will be with them forever? At that point in time, break up does not exist to our mind.To my mind its one of the most fascinating things. Why is there no third type of human in the world? Why are we limited to two types? If there was another type of person, would we fall in love with them too? I mean how would it work? Would there be stiff competition?

What is a kiss anyway? How is that expressing love? At the same time why does it make so much sense when people kiss? Love is strange and yet so beautiful. Red is such a beautiful colour. It’s awesome how God in His splendour thought of making such lovely red roses. They are a perfect red. He just thought about everything. My question however is, who said red is the colour of love? Why not blue or yellow? In all though why does it seem so perfect for love? Talking about chocolate i must say it is the sweetest candy. My favourite being white chocolate. Yet again though,who said it is the perfect combination to that bunch of flowers and love?

I may not have answers to all my questions but what i know though without a shadow of doubt is, love is the best gift one can give to another on this earth. It is a free gift which we should freely give. Love is to be celebrated and expressed each day of our lives. An experience that should be enjoyed by all of us and at all time. Lets remember we should owe no one nothing except the debt of love.



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