Life is short,Beware!



Yesterday i came across the video link that i have shared.The first thing that came to my mind was where had they gone in their next life?Oh my goodness, my heart went out to them and trembled at how fast we can perish. You mean it’s possible to be writing this now and be gone before i finish? Oh Lord i hate death. I can’t wait to see it be thrown in the lake of fire and i will be the loudest to shout “Death where is your glory now, where is your strength, where is your grip now! Who is laughing now?”

One question i ask myself and people all the time is, “If you would be at your death bed right now, what would be your last thought before you die?”The vivid truth is you shall not ask for your range rover to be brought in or that piece of property. Neither will it be the company that you run. At that moment none of these you will matter.

What i suspect someone will question is the possibility of an afterlife and if what those evangelists who knocked on my door last week were telling you is true.The panic that follows in the realisation that,the chances of it being there are higher than not.People desperately seek to make peace with God, before they meet Him.Not everyone is that lucky ,some die instantly and never have the luxury of having a pastor, a friend in Christ, a believer pray with them, like our departed ones in the video link.

The message of salvation is near to us always. We have people talking about Jesus Christ being the way truth and life every day. In our homes, on TV, in the radio, in the bus, in the streets, on social media, i mean everywhere. We cannot stand and say “God i did not hear”. We all have heard but most prefer to turn away saying that is a tough life.

Ironically look who is struggling to drive that car while drunk? What of someone always praying that they have not been infected some STI by that random girl or guy they hooked up with last night? What of the smoker now fighting lung cancer in hospital. What of the guy or lady always trying to live up to friends expectations at whatever cost? What of the gangster who is always praying not to get caught by the cops as he steals and is always living under constant fear. You tell me, whose life is harder seriously?And ain’t it funny how you still call unto God at these times?

If then both bad and good, saint and sinner acknowledge Him, why not just live for Him at once so that we all have eternal life?Most of us want to hear God’s grace but do not want to repent and living according to that grace. We want to hear forgiveness but exclude Jesus Christ in that equation. We all want to go to heaven without consequences for our actions. We want freedom, but do not want to be accountable for our ways. We all want the gospel but only if it’s favourable.

Why do we want God to give us heaven without working for it? Romans 6:23, the wages, the payment of sin is death, but the free gift of God through His son Jesus Christ is eternal life.It’s just a simple choice.The choice of Jesus as your personal saviour.

This is not a message of fear but of love. A love that saw God give us, as undeserving as we were His only son to die for our sins just to save us and see to it we get to heaven. What a love story. As you think about this, please remember we do not have forever, our departed ones in the video are no more and will never get to make this decision but you and i can.We forget tomorrow is not a guarantee.


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