The above illustration is an example of our expectations versus our reality.
We all have different expectations in life. Most of these expectations are premised on people. The people we love, the people we work with, the people serving us, our pastors, our teachers, our news anchors, cleaners, cooks, i mean everybody. Each time they fail to meet our expectations, we cannot help but be disappointed.

This is however not the same for the people we love. Their standard is on a much higher level. I always used to wonder why this is so and came to learn,with them we have been totally naked, let down our guard and been totally vulnerable. We have lived for them daily and to imagine them betraying our trust in them is just unimaginable. Such a high standard i can say is similar to the criminal law ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ standard.

Our expectations with them are not any different. Each promise they make to us is held on to with all might as if for dear life. Just in case they go against it, we will recite it to them word for word and say, “You promised, but you promised” with the zealous passion of a child. We look upon their words and expect more than anything else they will honour their word. It is not always so. This sad realization is always such a crushing blow to all of us.

You see, with expectations each thinks the other is extraordinary in some way. A boss setting unrealistic targets for employees, which he knows he would not achieve given the time lines. A lover, wife or husband expecting the better half is some god or goddess and never making any mistakes. A mother expecting her teenage daughter not to go through the teenage tantrum phase, a child expecting her parents never to lack and give all she asks of them, a teacher expecting students not to be mischievous. We will be mischievous alright! hahaha.

The truth is we sometimes impose unrealistic expectations on people.images-expectations

The other day i told my best friend our skin does not get born again, just our spirits and in the same breathe, we are all human beings. We will keep disappointing, most of the times we will not always live up to the expectations of others. I have been a victim of expectations more than once. Sometimes our expectations blind us to a point the person we expect from becomes perfect in our eyes especially our loved ones. We always forget one thing, human is to error.

One of the hardest things in life is acceptance. Acceptance of people just as they are. Not desiring constantly they change.They can improve for sure, however i talk today of those things that never change, the human part. I came to make peace with this and accept that even when promises are made with sincerity at the time, they can be broken at any time, just as a word is given to do something, so can that word be dishonoured in a huff.

With this acceptance,i learned to keep my expectations quite low. Sometimes i will be surprised as some people will be beyond my expectation while most of the time, my low expectations are just affirmed. This has made my life a bit easier, not always but just a bit. Some will say, it’s better not to expect anything at all. This is a wise option but my compassionate heart always gives everyone the benefit of doubt.

With low expectations i don’t get to be disappointed as much……wait a minute……..there is an exception to this expectation…HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST. He never disappoints and never fails, for He is not a man to lie and remains faithful to us even when we are unfaithful. He will meet all your expectations without fail, Disclaimer: As long as they are in accordance with the will of God.Thank you Jesus. Without you, i still maintain life would be futile.


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