True love is….its finally defined


The other day, i was having a conversation with a couple of my friends and we discussed a couple of things. One of them was love. People are always passionate about this topic. A musician sung and said, love runs this world. Being a secular singer he probably sung from a perspective of relationships, not realizing he was declaring the Lord who is love itself. God is so mysterious.

So back to our discussion, we argued, debated and analyzed this topic. We all seemed to come up with the same conclusion about what true love is in this world. We all agreed the only thing that everyone around the world loves truly and sincerely is food. I mean schools have rioted because of it and others died eating it.

We laughed heartedly as we delighted in this discovery. We were like Isaac Newton when he discovered the law of gravity. We were so proud to finally make a contribution to the knowledge of the world and enter the books of knowledge. We set out to interview people concerning their true love experiences and below are what a few people said concerning their true love for food. Their real names shall be substituted for numbers.

1. “The first thing i do when i get home is eat. I am normally so desperate. As i walk through the gate i usually wonder when i will reach the kitchen. From the door i start shouting threats at anything edible in the house. i say “food prepare to meet your death in my mouth” then i laugh heartily like you see in the movies.”

2. “I must admit love for food is true. It’s like it comes from the deepest part of my heart. When i enter the house and find no food i am sad. Then when i open the fridge and see some food, my eyes brighten up like those of a child with a huge smile”.

3. “The best discussions in life are those for food. They really fascinate me. It’s like everyone in the discussion wants to contribute and say how they prepare theirs. By the way, have you ever tried pouring eggs on chips on a pan?”

4. “Food? Oh my don’t talk about it. You make my heart beat faster”.

5.”When i think about food or even talk about it, i start thinking of when next i will eat. I can’t even concentrate. I had an apple here, let me eat it”.

6. “When i hear there is food, spiritual or physical, i go to the place hurriedly, accompanied by the necessary equipments to get the food”.

7. “Eating food is my hobby. I love the way it has different colours and tastes. A world without food would be terrible”.

8. “When i think of food or see it, another strange feeling passes through me. When i see people eating or chewing something and i am not part of it, i feel bad. That should be me right there munching away.”

9. “Don’t remind me of food. I can see myself in front of a table full of all types of food and drinks.”

10. “Food oh food, the mention of your name reminds me of your sweetness.”

I couldn’t stop laughing at the crazy things people were saying. I love people, they always make my day. I remember one day got home so hungry headed straight to the kitchen and starting eating away with the whole pot and serving spoon. I was so caught up with the activity i didn’t notice a friend enter the kitchen and just stare at me. He was one of those guys you don’t want to catch you looking funny. He started laughing and said “Slow down, you are going to get choked”My goodness!!! the bedroom could not  have seemed further on than that day,as i ran to the bedroom to die of shame. The crazy things we have done for this true love.


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