Dear God

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I know you are a diverse God of a zillion ways and can read this as i write and more so Holy Spirit is looking at me as i write. Lord today i am not so happy.In fact i feel down and bored. Lord rejection of any kind and any place doesn’t feel good. Lord sometimes I am so angry and irritated and i just can’t help it. Such days i remember your word in James tells me that human anger does not produce Godly righteousness. Is there a way to be angry in a noble way because God i just can’t help how i am feeling. I tell you this because you say i give you all my cares and worries. Most times Lord i come to you because i just want to vent and after being in your presence i feel so much better. How great it is you carry our burdens and funny how every day we bump into them. They are just never ending.

Lord, this world is full of much trouble. All truly is meaningless to me. I can’t wait to be with you in my next life. I understand why Paul said for him to die is gain and to live is Jesus Christ. Lord i look at people work every day (myself included) and i just wonder, why all the effort surely? If we die right this moment, all that will mean nothing in the next life.

I see how employers oversee their staff with an aloofness of power and it would seem they are in another level in this life, while God we all suffer the same equalizing fates on this earth. Heartbreaks, love, sickness, distress, eating, sleeping, laughing and the ultimate equalizer death. It’s all for nothing.

I see an honest man work so earnestly with brilliant ideas and best qualifications but this does not make him the president or the CEO of the company. In fact his manager never saw the walls of a university. They call it politics in this world. How truly frustrating. I see a pastor who has stolen the glory of God and claims to be all powerful.Lord so much death and struggle in this world. So much pain. So much trouble. I totally agree with the words of King Solomon in Ecclesiastes. Life truly is meaningless and like chasing the wind.

I have my own trouble Lord, sometimes i am happy sometimes sad. People are always not accepting of you as a born again christian. Sometimes i struggle with rejection, dejection, lack of strength, don’t always make the right decisions, sometimes doubt myself, sometimes i am just bored with people totally and all the feelings of life. I am not always noble in my words and ways. Oh my goodness what about the worry? Oh my Lord it is like a disease. Oh teach me how to be still and know you are God.

Lord i don’t always know how to do everything in my family, friendships and work. I feel bad each time i fail. My melancholic personality contributes most times. Father i know i am not perfect but i can’t help but feel bad each time i am told or feel my work is not good enough. I don’t know everything. Lord i am not always kind to everyone and sometimes make people angry. It’s funny in all these, all i desire is to do good.

The spirit and body shall never agree as your word says. I actually look at my body some days and just feel like cutting it to pieces because it’s the cause of all my troubles. If the body was a dress, i would remove it and walk in my naked spirit form. After all, my dress, my choice. Hahahahaha. But Lord, I know this is not your will. And so may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

In all my trouble and  a meaningless life in this world, i am happy to say i have found comfort in you. I still can’t believe a perfect God like you lived among us and died on the cross for everyone’s sins. Up to date it is still mind boggling to me. As in, what great love is that!!!A God that dies for His people, not His people for Him. Oh my Lord you are my everything.

How did i survive without You? And then it hits me, your great love and grace is not just for a chosen few but for the whole wide world. As if that was not enough you tell me to cast all my cares and burdens unto you for you care for me and that if i come you shall give me rest and peace that surpasses all human understanding. That even all the while i fall down and sin, you tell me in your word that each time i repent my sins, Lord each time, you are faithful and just to forgive all of them. It doesn’t matter how many.

Wow! You are such a great God. And to top all of that, you grant us the Holy Spirit to guide our path and walk with us always and give us strength. I thank you Lord. How comforting your word and love are to me. So comforting. Your amazing presence all around me. As i finish writing this letter, Lord i feel different and peacefully. I feel lighter and unburdened. Oh your sweet presence of refuge. Thank you Holy Spirit. Amen.


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