A love letter to my bed…top bunk

Ferguson Twin over Full Stairway Bunk Bed

Dear bed,

When i woke up this morning i could not believe i was leaving you again. It is usually the most difficult thing for me to do every day. You pleaded with me to stay a little bit longer as you miss me dearly when I am away but i had to say a kind no. You know how much i would love to stay but i have to go to work. I promise to return early today and sleep earlier than yesterday for us to spend more time.

Oh my dear bed, we have been together for so long. Through thick and thin. You have seen me grow up as a young girl and each time i did, you also had to grow. You have been quite loyal to me and i couldn’t have asked for a better bed. You have allowed me to sit on you everyday like my chair, use you as my table during meal times, and be my bank when I hide money under the mattress and so much more. You by far are the most understanding friend.

Dear bed remember when the mattress was so malnutritioned and my back would ache each time i slept on you? Those were tough days. I knew you wished you could turn to be my mattress but you couldn’t. What about the day i fixed you loosely and i almost fell when i slept on you? What about the insects and small animals that creep on us at night? Was that a rat i saw last night? That was creepy.

Remember when my head got stuck between you and the wall as i was saying goodnight to my dear twin downstairs? I was so alarmed that day. Remember the day my big sister chose to sleep on my top bed and was not feeling well and ending up vomiting on me while i sat on the floor below? What of the day! What of the day I twisted and turned in my sleep till i fell down from you? Hahahahaha. Such precious memories.

Sometimes bed i must say you make me cross. Every relationship surely has challenges and so does ours. I don’t like it when you hide my things under you and don’t tell me. That’s not good. The other day i found my long lost trouser under you and you didn’t say a word of it. I usually get irritated when at night you can’t hold the net properly and so i end up being eaten by mosquitoes at night. I also don’t enjoy it when you allow dust to fall on you and so i end up sneezing and coughing as a result. It is also not desirable when you cheat on me with small animals by accommodating them and being too friendly, such days our love is deeply tested and i hate to admit this, but sometimes i feel like i should walk away and find myself a new bed.

Dear bed that said, I wrote today to tell you i love you deeply. I enjoy jumping and dancing on you when i am bored, lying on you when i am watching a movie, sleeping on you in all manner of styles and you  not complaining, twisting and turning at night, having long endless chats on you with my twin or friends if they many. I look forward to see you at night and fall on you like a log. Surely i cannot see a life without you or away from you during the night. Just a few more hours and we will be together again.



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