Kiss of the morning sun

There is nothing as beautiful as the morning.Everything is new even the air that we breathe.New beginnings.I suspect even our bodies are new each morning if not rejuvenated.

The warm kiss of the sun on you skin,the cool breeze in your nostrils,the new energy of a new day and the feeling of renewed hope,that today will be better than yesterday.Wow!Isn’t every morning a miracle?

The best part of a new day is the opportunity to begin again.A second chance in life.To do what we failed to do yesterday,make amends,go after new opportunities and praise our Lord once more while we still have the breathe of life.

Delight in this new day for many failed to feel the kiss of the sun today.Today,strive to Love more,work harder,encourage someone,smile harder but above all,count your blessing of a new day and give thanks to the Most High for allowing you to be part of His new day.


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