Being a twin

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Being a twin must be the greatest feeling in the world.It is just out of this world.If you think am kidding try google experiences of twins and on a creepy note the silent twins.Above is a picture of my twin and i,as children and as grown ups.I wonder how life could have been without a twin.I doubt i would have loved it that though.

It all started out on one cold night in the late 80’s.My mother went into labour and at around 9:00pm my mother gave birth to my twin.I wonder what women who carry more than one child go through.It must not be fun going through labour twice.I came into this world 7 minutes after my sister was born.As my mother held us,she wondered why my twin was a bit smaller than i was.The good doctor explained that the first is usually smaller due to fact the other takes up more space and doesn’t get to grow bigger or equally.Sorry Naomi for taking up much space and food.Hahahaha.On that 29th September night,my sister and i got introduced to this world.

Growing up,we were inseparable.Mother thought we would change as we grew up but she is still waiting.My mother would always tell us apart but the rest seemed to struggle especially our father.He never really could tell us apart and so he would just call RuthNaomi at once so that the one who came first would be the one he’d talk to.Sometimes my mother would get caught up in the confusion when we would decide to be each other.

That is speak like her,wear her clothes or from a far distance not tell us apart.It’s then she would ask the common question which we heard all the time “Are you Ruth or Naomi.Don’t play with me.Why do you talk like her today?Why have you worn her sweater?” precious memories.Christmas was an endearing time for our family and neighbours as then we would do everything identical.From the hair to the clothes to the shoes.Some would rub their eyes so as to ensure they were seeing properly.

School was no different.The teachers were keen to separate us from the beginning and took us to different classes.The class teachers and close friends were the only ones lucky enough to tell us apart.New teachers would have a struggle the first days before realising we were two.The other teachers would never tell them so as to laugh it off when the new teaches got all confused and reported they were seeing the same student in different classes.Mischievous teachers.

Most followed suit in calling us NaomiRuth just to be safe.One day while i was doing my exams in University,the invigilator came up to were i was and demanded i follow him outside.Alarmed i wondered what i had done wrong.He made it known to me that he had realised i was doing the exam for someone else and that it was an offense under the school rules.

He went on further to say he knew this because he had seen me during the morning exam and now he was seeing me,again in the afternoon.Oh my goodness i wanted to maintain a straight face but i just had to laugh.He obviously got offended and took me straight to the Dean of law who was better acquainted with the law students.I tried to explain myself all the way,but it all fell on deaf ears.He must have thought am trying to defend myself.The ever serious dean could not help but laugh as he told him i had a twin pursuing a different course in the same campus.

It has been a crazy and interesting journey being a twin.People stopping us in the streets and staring at us,has been quite disturbing.They look at us as if we are from another planet.Most times we laugh but sometimes it annoys me because i feel as if we are in a marginalized group.Ironically,i do the same when i meet twins.See,growing up the only twins i knew were my sister and i.Each time i meet a pair i do the same thing people do to us.I usually say “Oh my god.twins” and just stare at them.I am really intrigued by twins if i do say so myself.

We have talked with my twin every single day.All the time.We are always together if not at work.We miss each other a lot while we away and keep asking where the other is,depending on who gets home first.Did i say we chat every second of the day unless busy?We do.Upon reaching home we do work quickly and go to the bedroom to continue talking.If you come to our home you will not find us with the rest,we are always in the bedroom talking.Our stories are never ending.Most times we have to stop each other so that we do other things.

People say you can only trust God,in my case i include my twin.We favour each other above everyone else.If i have something to share i will give her first then the rest follow.We defend each other all the time and it doesn’t matter whether we are on the wrong side.We always stand together.I know all her thoughts and what she is thinking with regard to a particular thing even when she is not there.We usually like the same things mostly.I was amazed when we chose different careers.We are not always similar.We both have different tastes in some things but generally i can pick out what she likes.I can write a million things about being a twin but i can sum up by saying it is amazing!

The first time i saw a group of twins in one place at once was on television.I have never been so fascinated in my life.They introduced themselves as THE IDENTICAL FAMILY ASSOCIATION.They said they cater for the needs and welfare of twins and proceeded on to say they were calling all the twins in Kenya to join them.At first we didn’t want to but with time we accommodated the idea and decided we would check it out.One of our joint new year’s resolution is to join this association. Infact,we have our first meeting with them a few days from today.


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