When does it all end and what next?


Ever wondered when it the life process ends?We do the same things everyday.Wake up,go to work or school,come back home sleep then repeat the same the next day.Its quite tiring and routine.Why do you do what you do?I love being a lawyer and doing lawyer stuff.Defending the world,living for justice.This and what everyone does is quite noble.It keeps the world running efficiently.

However in light of all these,to what end?We repeat the same things everyday.When does it stop?To me it doesn’t make sense because the moment you die,it all means nothing.All you did will have no bearing or meaning in the next life.So why do we do it?Life truly is vain,a harsh reality.

Should we not then  invest in the things that will actually matter after death?Life is just for a short while,while the after life is eternity.Eternity is a long time to have made the wrong choice in life.Think about this,you are the owner of a line of companies,live in the most expensive estates,drive the best and latest cars,everyone in the world knows you.Upon your death,you carry none of these.Nothing at all.You find yourself in a new world where the ball game is different.The poor become the rich,the unpopular become the famous,the lowly are now the highly placed.You begin to wonder “What is going on here?”.This is not how you knew things.And then it hits you,you invested in the wrong things while on earth.

The truth of the matter is that we are not supposed to live idle lives on earth.God expects us to work and excel in what we do.He desires we succeed and do good and great things.The problem however is these investments turn rogue when we do not use them to bring glory and honour to His Holy name.

We are to enjoy life but only within the confines of His Holy word.Once you give your life to Jesus Christ,you cease being a slave of the world but in turn become a slave of God but free.In salvation you get to make all the right investments on earth,for your after life.A day ceases being another routine day but a day to live God’s purpose for your life.Be it as a lawyer,a caterer,a driver,a scientist,you name it.

Realizing we are only passing by in this world and days are like the wind,here today and gone tomorrow,we then decide to invest in the right things so that when it all ends we don’t get nasty surprises in our after life.Am sure even the most unbelieving heathen on earth does not want the nasty surprise of hell.



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