21 reasons


There are so many reasons why i can say i love you.Words have always been the best way for me to express myself.So here goes 21 reasons why i love you dearly.

1.The way you love God and put Him first in all you do.

2.The way you are persistently pursue me after all those years.

3.The way you say sorry to me each time we have an argument.Surely how can i even remain angry?

4.The way you take care of me and guard me jealously.

5.The way you support my dreams and goals.

6.The way you sacrifice all just to be with me.

7.Your handsome self and amazing physique.

8.The way you smile at me making me forget all my problems.

9.I love the way you walk and stride of confidence.

10.The way you are modest and after you own legacy other than the one your family already has.

11.The way you have talked to me and been consistent  every single day since i met you without fail.

12.The way you always give me random ‘i love you ‘cards just because.

13.The way you love me with all my imperfections and desire me just as i am.No more no less.

14.The way you see me almost daily and wait for me in town,just to hear how my day was and walk me to the bus stop.

15.How you call my name when you mad at me or in disbelief for what i have done.

16.I am assured of your support anytime and anywhere.

17.The way you love me more everyday.

18.The way you are patient with me and never say anything mean to me despite I constantly doing so.

19.The way you take me for ice cream every Friday evening and long walks.

20.The way you respect me in all situations and guard our union.

21.The way you speak to me in a language no other can.

To say i love you for a number of reasons would be a lie.The truth is love has never been founded on any reasons.It just is.God loved us even before we were born.The mystery of love it is.I love you for no reason but just because.You could be bad and for all i know and i still love you.My 21 reasons and more are just the little gifts i got once you became mine.Just an added bonus to the love we share,for my love for you has been and will always be unconditional.Always and forever.



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