Dying Empty

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 Quick question,how do you spend your day, every day?Ever thought about this question?I did not give much thought to it until recently. A day was just like any other. Wake up in the morning, live out the day and then sleep when night came. So routine, so obvious. Yet if you asked me if I was ready to die I would be alarmed at the many things I wanted to do but I had not done and my answer would be “I am not yet ready. I have many things I have not done and so many places I am yet to visit. I need more time”. So cliché right?Yet I did not stop for a minute to assess the true weight of my words.

I finally did. I was extremely disturbed by the words of the late Myles Munroe, that when we die we should do so empty. I did not understand why he was so confident and so ready. I am born again however I admit I am not as confident to say these words in terms of my life’s purpose and achievements. I have a lot to do. The usual and common thing we all say. So what does it really mean to die empty?

The revelation I got was deeply amazing. Quick questions. How old are you today? What have you achieved or done in your past many years? You need more time? Okay, I will grant you two extra years, but before I do, answer this, if I do give you these two years what will you do different that you haven’t done in your past many years?

Answering these questions made me wonder what I had done in my last many years and I got nothing. I have been waiting everyday to start living my life’s purpose at some point in life with no real date attached. That’s where the trouble begins and none of us will ever be ready to die. You realize then to live your life’s purpose and leave a legacy on earth doesn’t mean you have to live 100 years. For all we care, you may still not have lived your life’s purpose by that time.

We keep saying life is short and this is quite true. We don’t have the luxury of saying we will begin living tomorrow or next year. There is no guarantee of seeing tomorrow. This therefore means we need to be vigilant with our time everyday and spend each second wisely. We are not to live as if a day means nothing or just another day.

Each time we open our eyes in the morning our task of day is to live our life’s purpose in each of the seconds of that day. Not tomorrow but today. What have you been desiring to do? Do it today. Is it joining church ministry? Is it opening a children’s home? Is it opening a company? Is it getting to know Jesus Christ as your personal savior? Is it being a better spouse or friend? Is it doing something for your parents? Is it saying I love you? Do it today.Do it now.

To die empty I came to learn means dying knowing and being content that your every minute of the day was not wasted or spent on foolish matters, but that you made your every moment on earth count. Living without regrets. Doing all that you have always wanted to do. Doing those things that matter to you and your loved ones.

And while we try to redeem time, we must be careful to spend this time in the right way. The right purpose. The right race. The right things. For when we close our eyes, never to open them again, it’s at that moment we will realize that none of our achievements will matter if they were not the right achievements. The right purpose. The right race.

It is therefore imperative therefore as we seek to redeem time and live our life’s purpose to do so cautiously, asking ourselves if after our last breathe all that we are doing now will matter. Will it be an eternal investment towards your after life or temporary perishable investment in this fading world?



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