The loss of a loved one

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I lacked words to tell you on that day,but mostly i didn’t have courage to speak.How do you tell someone you love so much sorry?How do you comfort them while you are grieving yourself?I guess written word may attempt to express it.So here goes…

Why,oh why?How could it be?Why you of all the souls on earth?Why now when you were at the peak of your life?Why this hour when you had so much going on for you?I couldn’t believe it.One minute you were there,the next gone.Do you mean you can actually be here now and be gone the next second?That quick,that sudden?Surely how quickly life fades,how vain it looks in this context.

Wait a minute,maybe we are being punked on MTV base.You got us!!!You had us there for a moment.But no!Isn’t that a real coffin i see.The joke could obviously not have gone that far.Right?The sorrow i felt is too great for me to fathom.The pain that gripped my heart,almost killed me.The tears that rolled down my cheeks burned like hell.

Most of us were lucky to have loved him and to have been loved by him in return.I never knew anyone who so gracefully combined strength and gentleness,courage and perseverance.He was a fine person and wonderful friend.His memory will stay fresh and locked in my mind like a murder behind bars.I will relive his memory and celebrate him,everyday.

As i watched my beloved taken down six feet under,i realised,to be human is to be susceptible to pain.If literature had a lesson for us,it would be,how to learn from lessons life teaches us.And on this day,a lesson on how to endure.Rest in peace dear beloved.

This is especially dedicated to my dear friend Emily Wangui.


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