It is all tasteless without you

Young couple sitting on pier at frozen lake looking at each othe

I twist and turn in my sleep,i cannot rest.I wake up and realise there is something i have not done.I reach for my notebook,open a new page and this,is what flows from my heart.It is all tasteless without you.

The first time i saw you ,you warmed my heart,the second time sparks were produced in my heart while the third time,my heart was set on fire.With time you addicted my heart,everyday i wanting you more and more.A condition that was constantly cured by a dose of you.

When you are here,i have the world with me.Its heaven.They call me telling me all these things to woe me,i hang up and reminisce, how it is only you i desire.They all used to be so interesting,fascinating and flabbergasting,but now their presence to me is like food without salt,tasteless.

A voice in the shadows,whispers to me “who is the greatest of them all?”I smile and do not hesitate to reply “it is him”.The touch of his hand,his presence worthwhile,the warmth of his lips.A friend,confidant and lover.With me in good and bad times.He is all i ever wanted and needed.

If i could give him something to always remind him of me,it would be a house full of memories.Because memories are things that go deeper in time.We can look back at them and revive all that,lasting for years to come.We would build this house together and cherise it forever.All that we shared we’d capture under lock and key and make our home in that house which is ideal for you and me.

As the sun sets everyday and watch you go,you kiss me goodbye and promise to love me more tomorrow as i do too.Though the parting is a pain,our love seems to grow everyday.I walk away back to the house and miss you like a homeless misses a home.

As the ink in my pen starts to run out,i smile as i have given a testimony of my love for you,confident in the cupid court i will win the case which is your love.I reminisce on my love for you which is endless.I carry you in my spirit,sleep with you in my heart,wake up with you,i live with you in my spirit.I have proven my case beyond reasonable doubt.

I glow with happiness as i place my pen down.My day’s purpose has been fulfilled,to celebrate you,appreciate you and let you know,with all the problems that can sometimes fill our days,its often the important things we forget to say.Like the fact that my heart skips a beat when i see you and you mean the world to me.

The trivial things around us are sometimes all we see,when all that really matters is to have you here with me and sharing my life with you means the most to me,while without you,my life is tasteless.


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