Just a word…


Ever stopped for a moment and examined your words before opening your mouth to speak?Did you question their relevance?Their value?Their effect?Are they wise or foolish?Are they even necessary?

Many are the times we speak not knowing what we are saying and worse the effect the words.Words are a spoken sentence.They can be simple or complex.They are weightless,however their effect,massive.Words have destroyed nations,brought down great men,built up nations and large corporations.Words have seen to it that the world is filled with loving families and so much more.

A simple example of the negative effect of words common to us all,are the simple words of the serpent in the garden of Eden.I can see him say gently and convincingly “Just eat.Aren’t you hungry?I am sure the Lord did not mean it when he said you don’t eat these fruits.Infact he might even have been joking.”I can only imagine.He however must have been a smooth talker,because look where it got us all!

Words can create or destroy someone.It is true sticks and stones cannot break your bones,but words will  break your heart.Words will break or build people.Thinking of how while people are in love the sweet words keep them on a high everyday.What of the day you heard the words ‘”its over” from your loving one?I remember i literally felt like i was suffocating,my throat got so dry,no amount of saliva could satisfy could moisten it. I was sure it was the end of my stay on earth.I was just waiting to drop down and die.Just a word.

What about in the business arena?What are some of the words you’d like to hear that are deal breakers?As for me,being a lawyer,the sweetest words i desire to hear are the final words of the judge with regard to my case and depending on who my client is and the reality of having won the case hitting me.

Is it just me,but i feel like the pain is lessened each time someone who hits or steps on me by mistake says ‘sorry’.What about when someone tells you how smart and sharp you look or how beautiful you are.How do you feel?I know we all love that.What of when Mel Gibson spoke to the people before attacking?What of that point in the movie when the leader of some squad or army makes that speech(isn’t the soundtrack at this time just perfect for the speech?) making every man in that army move forth with courage and actually winning the war.In all these situations,the common factor is just a word.

Words are so simple yet so heavy to us all.I asked in the beginning whether you ever pose to examine your words.I do.I choose an encouraging word over a discouraging one,one of  tough love over one of judgement,i chose words of peace over words that cause strife, sorrow, anger,sadness, discouragement, hopelessness and all negativity that mere words create.

I choose words that bring life over the words of death that kill something in us each time they are mentioned.Where i cannot say a word of life,i choose to remain silent,for silence is golden compared to the destruction of a mere word.I choose to use the words accounted to me by God in a day to build myself and someone else.

Haven’t you read the word of God concerning words?The day i read this,i could not be more careful with my words.In the book of Ephesians 4:29,Our Lord says,”Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths,but only what is helpful for buildings others up according to their needs,that it may benefit those who listen.”

Our famous school director Patrick Lumumba in his first speech told us a quote.I didn’t catch the author’s name but it went like this ‘Speak only when it is necessary,however if you need to,state your concern or sentiment within the first 30 seconds.If you are wise though,you will not open your mouth,least you confirm people’s worst fears……………..your foolishness.’



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