Why do we wear clothes?


Why did you put on that shirt today?What about that skirt?What about that blouse?I love your shoes,quite classy.Tell me why did you wear your clothes today?

I know,i know,i know,we should cover our nakedness.Indeed.However clothes need not be glamorous to cover nakedness.Some leaves would do as was in the garden of Eden.The leaves were covering their nakedness the real reason for wearing clothes.The reason today is however different.I came to realise we wear clothes because we want to be seen and that it is who we are.People identify with us by the clothes we wear and secondly and sincerely,we wear clothes to be seen by others.

Take for example,at home we are all in baggy sweats,t-shirts,shorts which fall short of glamorous or chic or even style in fashion.Celebrities are no different.Freedom is when you enter your house in the evening and remove your day clothes.How good it feels to wear that torn shirt with that loose caprice,those mismatched and discoloured socks,remove the make up and just be you,oh my,how can i forget the bra.Ladies,Isn’t the best feeling in the world when you remove your bra?Freedom could not have been more real.

Question is if we don’t wear clothes to be seen,then why don’t we remain glamorous in our homes?Why do i prepare much more when i am about to meet my boyfriend or an interview?Why do we torture ourselves walking in the high heels and curse them at night?Why do we wear a short skirt and keep pulling it down?Why do we sag our jeans?Why do we wear these clothes?

Many of answers given are indeed valid.One being,the image we potray is important and most times we are judged by it even before we open our mouth.If however we never had to meet these people,we would never bother.If i didn’t care what i wore,i would wear a maize sack and go out for that date.However since i wear clothes to be seen,i will continue dressing up,putting on that make up and wearing those torturing shoes.



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