Remember your First day at work…?


Remember your first day at school?The feeling of anxiety,fear of the unknown,a new environment,new instructions that are too many to understand at same time,new people,who is going to be my friend,were the thoughts in your mind as you scanned the room,new lifestyle new everything.Fast forward to the present day.Remember your first day at work?

This happens to be me today.All the emotions are as they were on that first day of school.The only difference is that am a grown woman now.That seems to be the only difference.I have the same anxieties,fears,expectations and a new environment.How will it be?Will i be good at my work?How are my fellow workmates?How is my pupil master?What opportunities lay ahead of me?How will i develop as an individual?How routine is work here?How is work here?Is work great at all anyway?

A million and one questions,that will be answered with time but that doesn’t stop me from asking them anyway.I am optimistic about the journey ahead.My desire is to be the best in what i will be doing and excel.I am looking forward to the experience i will gain,the friends i will make,the networks i will acquire,the growth i will get and to enjoy what i do.

What woman will i change to be?Am i ready for that limitless woman who will bring change to the society?Is my family and love ready for the woman i am about to become?Is the world ready for this great lady?Watch out world,here i come.


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