An angel sent from heaven

heaven_gained_a_new_angel_by_ieris_aizer-d6xxi2b (1)

It was a day like any other on campus.Nothing in the sky indicated any extra ordinary activity or life changing circumstance.A sunny Thursday afternoon in July.The service was always held between one and two pm.And so the service begun,a prayer then praise and worship.Eva praised and worshipped passionately as she thought fondly of her saviour Jesus Christ.The service went on fairly well and it was now the preacher’s time,a fellow student in the congregation.Eva watched and listened intently to the Word of God as  she marvelled at the work of God in this young man’s life.She the was loudest to say hallelujah and amen when he dropped powerful spiritual statements.

See at this moment the only thing that had captured her whole attention was Jesus Christ.She never thought she would find another passion and was convinced she would be married to the church literally speaking.In that moment she understood the nun’s commitment to church totally.

It was not until half the time had passed,that the door was opened by another fellow believer who would join the congregation of faithfuls.Eva turned her head to see who this other passionate young believer was.The life changing moment occurred in that second.What followed in the next few minutes can only be best described by the movie depictions of such a moment.The famous heavenly sound of “aaaaaaaaaaaa” followed by a bright light surrounding the person who is seen as an angel,occurred,with a golden ring on top of his head.

Heeeeeeeay! “Am i the only one seeing this?” Eva asked herself.She looked around to confirm this.Everyone seemed indulged in the sermon of the young warrior of Christ.”This must be in my head”she said.Eva turned to look at this angel who had entered the room.His walk to the only available seat in front,was in slow motion with the same bright glow around him.Again,this must have been in her head.Her head followed him slowly until he sat down and there her gaze lay fixed.

Who is this tall dark handsome man?Is he an angel from the kingdom of God?Why does he look as if he just walked out of my dreams?She wondered.I have never seen him before .It just confirmed to her that he must have been send from heaven literally speaking,yet again.Eva believed in God so much to know that he could send a real angel from heaven,no pun intended.These are the emotions and feelings she was going through and questions that she asked herself.If he had noticed,she was sure he wondered why she was gazing at him so intently.

Eva was brought back to the present moment by the sound of clapping hands.Its when she realised,she had missed the last part of the powerful word by her fellow brother in Christ.She made it a point to get the notes from the warrior of Christ after the service.Eva clapped along and everyone stood to finish with a word of prayer and the grace.After the sermon one of the sisters she was serving with,took the hand of this angel and led him to her as she was charged with the mandate of welcoming all new comers to the fellowship.She proceeded with caution because she did not know how to interact with a real angel if at all he was one.

The angel finally spoke for the first time and that’s when he said his name and proceeded to write down his number so that,the fellowship would do a follow up.They shook hands and welcomed him to the fellowship.And so on that sunny Thursday afternoon in July,the love story begun.

To be continued.

Loving the Lord Jesus and serving Him with zeal and passion are indeed our life’s purpose on earth.At the same time,the Lord places desires in our heart’s which He also fulfills in our lives.To find the love of your life is not a distraction from your service to Him but a complement to His perfect plan.A love who is equally yoked with you in faith and is true,is a great treasure and pleasure to behold.

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