Who remembers you when you gone?

wen gone

Life is such a wonder.So long yet so short.Just but a moment.Wait a minute,here is a quick question who remembers you when you gone,even for a second?

Two days ago in our neighbourhood,a dead man was found in his house.He was totally decomposed and said to have died around two weeks ago. SAY WHAT!!!We were all shocked.Two weeks means he died around Christmas.Need i say he was only discovered because his stench polluted the whole apartment.What a sad moment for us all as we watched his body be taken away by the police.

Who remembered him when he was gone?It seems no one did.What about his family?friends?a girlfriend?Didnt anyone notice he was missing?It was Christmas and a new year for crying out loud!!!I spoke to people who i had not spoken to in an year.Was there no one to wish him a happy new year?Have we become so cold and distant?Have we forgotten what matters in life?Are relationships and people too expensive for us?So many questions yet no answers.

In all this this i learned one thing,relationships in our lives are more than imperative.Your sister,brother,boyfriend,husband,wife,friend are meant to be your keepers.To remember you when you are gone,for even a moment.To witness your life in the court of life.

It is with great motivation that in 2015 i will focus more on that which matters the most.My family and friends.To remember them everyday as they remember me.One last thing,who is your keeper?



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